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Simon J. Misselbrook


An experienced executive with a demonstrated history in both the real estate and private equity industries, Simon J. Misselbrook has worked diligently to bridge the gap between business strategy and financial discipline, focusing on value creating opportunities, both internally and externally, in every role he has held. With a bachelor’s degree in accounting and tax as well as a master’s degree in accounting science, he is skilled in financial matters, business operations and investment analysis. Simon is also a certified public accountant. Most recently, he was named president of Cole Strategic Partners, located in Scottsdale, Arizona.

Cole Strategic Partners is a family office that was founded by real estate investor and developer, Christopher H. Cole, who left an unmistakable legacy in the real estate world. Prior to selling his business in 2014, Cole Real Estate Investments, an owner of real estate and a sponsor of multiple real estate funds, had raised $12 billion in equity from 260,000 investors. With this capital, he built funds that acquired and owned over 2000 assets worth over $14 billion in assets under management. When compared to their peers, his non-listed Real Estate Investment Trusts (REITs) had the lowest asset management fees and the highest average distribution yield.


Cole Strategic Partners focuses on making quality investments with exceptional partners and managers leading their industries. The firm’s investment underwriting thesis is centered around four key pillars: opportunities, risk management, enhanced returns, and investor partner characteristics. Simon explains, “The firm is the investment arm of Chris Cole’s family office with an investment philosophy that is built on an unwavering commitment to create an extraordinary, diversified investment portfolio while being a strong fiduciary of our capital. While the nuts and bolts of all investment opportunities are important, our particular focus is on partners and sponsors which have  proven themselves apart in their industry and exemplify the traits that its founder built his career on, a relentless pursuit of value and doing what’s right for investors. With these exceptional teams by our side, we are able to venture into all industries and geographies as opportunities present themselves.”


As president at Cole Strategic Partners, Simon holds multiple responsibilities. He oversees the execution of the firm’s investment strategy, which involves sourcing opportunities and identifying market-leading partners. He is also in charge of portfolio management and the supervision of day-to-day operations. In addition to his role as president, Simon serves as the chief financial officer of the company.


After graduating from the University of South Africa, Simon relocated to the U.S. and officially began his career at Deloitte & Touche in Los Angeles as an audit manager with a focus on real estate and hospitality. He then joined Cole Real Estate Investment, where he met Chris Cole and CEO, Marc Nemer, and was the CFO and treasurer for various Real Estate Investment Trusts (REITs) sponsored by Cole Capital, the premier non-traded REIT sponsor at the time. Most recently, Simon served as the CFO of Unico Properties, a leading real estate investment company based out of Seattle, Washington. 




Simon J. Misselbrook

President and CFO

Cole Strategic Partners

7047 East Greenway Parkway

Scottsdale, Arizona  85254




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