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Sonny Christensen

Sonny Christensen is president of West Country Pump and Filtration, a water treatment and product manufacturing company that began in a tent and grew to become a nominee for Business of the Year by the Alberta Chamber of Commerce and winner of Service Provider of the Year from a central Alberta newspaper. West Country Pump and Filtration is also involved in Canada’s Shred Program and in just five short years, received recognition for their water conserving products. Dedicated to green practices, the company specializes in manufacturing custom water treatment systems and water well pumping solutions that save and conserve as much water as possible.

Based in Red Deer and Calgary, Alberta, the company provides turnkey solutions, such as skid packages and portable packages of complete water treatment systems and specializes in commercial reverse osmosis systems. “These are water-purifying systems used in agriculture and chicken farming, dairy farming factories, manufacturing, and anywhere from a residential house right up to big applications, such as oil and gas,” Sonny explains.

The unique packing design of reverse osmosis and H2O2 injection systems allow the reduction of a tremendous amount of wastewater, which can then be reclaimed and recycled to render it usable. “We take the old ways of treating water and modernize the technology. They’re turnkey solutions with a small footprint, while at the same time they’re able to cut the wastewater in the industry by over half,” Sonny says. Having worked in the industry since he was a kid, if anyone knows how to merge the old with the new to create innovative solutions, it’s Sonny.

Sonny and his brother, Rob, founded West Country Pump and Filtration in 2015. It was born from an entrepreneurial spirit and a lifelong passion for the field, passed down from his father during his childhood, when he spent his days riding along with his dad, who also did water treatment. What began as a boy following his dad to work, turned into a 30-year career that led him to corporate management positions and back home again, to his roots, and then to the rise of his own company, that has doubled in size every year since its inception.

Sonny’s professional career in the water industry began in the early 1990s. After pursuing his degree in business administration, he and his father opened bottled water stores. Fifteen years later, they sold the business and Sonny entered the realm of large pump companies, managing Canadian distribution arms. After five years, he grew tired of the corporate world and he missed his passion for what he did on his own, so he started his own company—in a tent. With his brother Rob, he built a few water systems. The first job they landed was a $100,000 project. West Country Pump and Filtration took off, growing at an astounding pace; eight-fold in just five years, with anticipated expansion into the United States.

Sonny attributes the company’s growth to his three decades of experience in the industry. “I’ve been in this field for 30 years now, doing field work, and seeing the problems people had with water systems and finding ways to remove those headaches from the solution. It excites me to be able to use my knowledge to help others,” he shares. As the business continues to grow, it remains grounded in Sonny’s dedication to green solutions and high ethical standards. Along with the addition of an automation expert, Nick Sztym, and commercial plumbing expert, Tim Busch, we are able to achieve our motto, “Supplying clean, clear, safe water without the waste,” as its guide. The company is committed to the adherence of all safety and electrical standards and uses only NSF-Rated products.


Sonny Christensen

President — West Country Pump and Filtration

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