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Sonya Khanna Mason

Sonya Khanna Mason is not your average funds manager. She’s a U.S. Army veteran, an entrepreneur, a high school cheerleading coach, and side hustler. For the last 15 years, she’s worked for TY Funding, a mortgage company that breaks away from the traditional mold. “We have a pretty unique setup with the investments and funding sides,” she states. “We also bring in private money, which isn’t typical with most mortgage companies.” Sonya did a lot of administrative work in the beginning then spent eight years thereafter doing commercial mortgages and working with private investors. With a dual focus as funds manager at TY Funding and a commercial property loan officer at TY Mortgage, Sonya now works with both branches of the family-owned business in various capacities. “I love working with clients, developing personal relationships, and growing with people,” she states. “I also really love the aspect of community.”


Founded by her parents decades ago, the company has served to ignite an entrepreneurial fire that’s engulfed the spirit of the next generation. Born from a personal passion for nutrition and wellness, Sonya and her sister launched their own supplemental endeavor focused on natural and environmental health. With an online presence complemented by in-person events and product sales at local markets, Beautifull Green Soul offers clean food and lifestyle products geared toward personal wellbeing. The company even incorporates yoga instruction taught by Sonya’s mom and sister—which makes for another full-blown family affair.


Sonya studied nutrition and psychology at Liberty University.


Sonya Khanna Mason

Funds Manager — TY Funding LLC


LinkedIn: Sonya Mason

Facebook: TY Mortgage LLC

Instagram: Beautifull_Green_Soul

Licensed by Virginia State Corporation Commission – License Number MC-4941
View Licensing information for Virginia at NMLS #158115

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