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Sriram Koneru  

Over the course of his career, Sriram Koneru has built a reputation for bringing the best to teams and clients. With a constant focus on quality, he develops high-performance teams from members who start out with little to no experience and then transforms them into exceptional problem solvers and decision makers—positioning them to exceed both the current and future needs of their customers. Sriram’s talent for team building was apparent during his tenure as senior vice president and director at Citibank, throughout the 20 years he spent working for various Wall Street firms, and in the different technological roles he held in Silicon Valley. Today, he leverages his experience and team-building skills as the founder of Skyline Development Corporation, one of the largest luxury, single-family, FEMA-compliant home builders on the South Shore Barrier Island, based on volume of over 3,000 square foot homes. Headquartered in Atlantic Beach, New York, Sriram’s multifaceted team holds a global vision, aspiring to become one of the largest luxury home builders across the northern hemisphere.


Consisting of thousands of items and encompassing a wide array of supply chains, the corporation’s newly constructed homes quickly become local reference points and are frequently published in local newspapers and online publications such as Newsday, Patch, HAVEN NEW YORK, and LIBN. However, Sriram’s plans don’t stop there. With an eye toward the future, Skyline Development wants to help innovate a global outfit in leading construction and associated services across multiple verticals, including residential and commercial infrastructure. Sriram recently met with us to share more about the group’s global mindset and the ways they are working to win and nurture the hearts and minds of consumers around the world.


Begin by telling us a bit more about your role as Skyline Development’s founder.


I’m responsible for the company’s global vision, leading our multifaceted team in applying innovation across financial services, building science, and technological areas of the construction industry. I also work to transform the current luxury construction process through defining and investing in best practices, covering financial risk management, integrating technology, and optimizing logistics.


Your motto is “better, faster, and cheaper.” How do you provide these benefits to clients? 


Being better, faster, and cheaper (BFC) without sacrificing quality is a multidimensional process that puts us ahead of competitors and applies to everything we do. We’re better because we understand the value behind the houses we build. Constantly looking at the products as well as the process and asking “why” puts us deep into the supply chain and allows us to be better. We’re faster because I’m passionately involved in the entire process, and my background in operational research has equipped us to fully understand the logistics, to cross reference, and to execute things quickly. Our attention to detail also allows things to be faster for us and contributes to getting ahead. We’re cheaper because we’re aggressively ahead on the supply chain and get the best for our clients. For example, I will go and negotiate a price to make it cheaper for the customer, but I do this in a very critical way—without gouging prices. Since some people say they don’t have margins, I use a similar method to that of Amazon or Walmart. Because I have a lot of volume, I may work out a deal with Home Depot to get hurricane windows at a lower price. This is how we consistently outvalue our competitors.


What initially drew you toward the real estate industry?


I come from a self-made, entrepreneurial family, so I learned how to be efficient and cut costs at a young age. I also developed a drive to help others succeed, and it upsets me whenever I see people not getting what they deserve in exchange for the hard work they’ve put in. I especially dislike hearing that people can’t afford things. Throughout history, there have been many things that only the wealthy could afford, and it took years for common people to gain access to them, so my mission is to make that process faster and cheaper. For example, we provide FEMA construction, but the single-family homes we build exceed current FEMA standards. If FEMA’s rules say to build a house five feet off the ground, we will build it seven feet off the ground because global warming affects sea levels, and it’s important to take such things into consideration. This is only one of the many ways we look ahead to prepare ourselves and our clients for the future.


How has your engineering background been beneficial to your career?


Back home, I earned a Bachelor of Technology in Industrial Engineering from Nagarjuna University and then traveled to the U.S. to study financial engineering at Columbia. However, I couldn’t find a job in the banking industry after I graduated because no one at the time knew what financial engineering was. Consequently, I ended up in Silicon Valley, working on multiple start-ups, including B2B integration. Eventually, I contacted a publicly traded company that was working on integrating different systems, and my financial engineering background helped me to land a job. Later, I came up with two deals with two publicly traded companies for $8 million. My career journey has been about finding an outlet that would allow me to express my creativity and innovation, and my Silicon Valley and Wall Street backgrounds helped to equip me and my company to understand the various facets of construction and building. That’s why I can easily scale. It’s also why I would love to become a mentor to show people how engineering is cool and multifaceted.


To what do you credit Skyline Development’s immense success?


The reason we succeed is because we never put profits ahead of our construction. I also believe it’s important to ask “why.” For instance, I may ask why we’re doing something that seems antiquated. I’m constantly looking at the procedures and asking why we use the tools we’re using because this allows us to stay ahead and upgrade if needed. There will always be unpredictable events, but because of the way I’ve positioned us, we’re always prepared, and our homes are always appraised for higher values.



Sriram Koneru  

Founder, Skyline Development Corporation


Facebook: @SkylineDevCorp

Instagram: @Skylinedevcorp