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Stephen Frank

Stephen Frank is president of CMN Funding, a full-service commercial finance and advisory firm based in Albany, New York. A division of CMN Real Estate Group, CMN Funding serves commercial clients, as well as a vast network of private investors, in both the domestic and international markets.


As the firm’s president, Stephen is responsible for overseeing all underwriting, structuring, and debt/equity placement, and generally handles most large balance transactions personally. A hands-on leader, he also lends his expertise to assist with loan originations, business development, partnership efforts, and staff development.


Since its founding in 2003, CMN Funding has closed hundreds of loans, both in-house and through finance partners. CMN’s highly talented staff of eight works with over 150 external lending sources. “The most important element of a successful financing company is having an efficient underwriting process. Part of our acumen, which contributes greatly to our success, is to categorize deals into different stages for the underwriting process, guaranteeing a streamlined, accurate, and timely completion,” Stephen states. Because the process Stephen created has proven to be so effective, CMN Funding has come to be known as the “underwriting experts.”


This year, CMN Funding has proven its resilience in an especially challenging landscape by successfully navigating the Covid-19 pandemic. “Similar to 2008-09, when credit restrictions tightened and many of our competitors went out of business, 2020 has presented a unique set of obstacles. Only five of our seven direct funds are now active, and although we anticipate the other two returning in 2021, we will continue to forge ahead and find new ways to evolve. One strategy that the firm has adopted is to expand its footprint within the international markets, primarily in Latin America,” Stephen adds.


Unarguably, if Stephen’s history is any indicator of the future, the firm is in capable hands. As far back as 1999, when Stephen first entered the real estate financing industry, he was focused on building a stellar reputation, founded on his work ethic and perseverance. These qualities, in addition to an enviable skill set and practical experience, have had a pivotal role in his rise to becoming a self-made entrepreneur.



Stephen Frank


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