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Steve De Laveaga

Real estate mogul, former professional basketball player, founder and CEO of Real Intelligent Sales Engagement (R.I.S.E.), his third and largest company in terms of revenue and geographical footprint, Steve De Laveaga is making slam-dunks in his field. His second book, From the Court to the Closing Table, details that his key to success in sports, business, and life, found through his range of experience from basketball to real estate, cannot be measured on paper. He asserts, “Everyone talks about your vertical leap, how much you bench, how tall you are. What’s more important and more difficult to measure is your competitive spirit, accountability, work ethic, and willingness to continually learn.”

Steve’s personal and professional feats have imparted him this knowledge and more. His 30 years of marriage have taught him commitment and care. He has 10 years of professional basketball under his belt as the leading scorer in Australian Basketball Association history with 9,946 points scored, two-time NCAA Division 2 leading scorer in the nation, seven-time ABA All Star, six-time ABA points leader, even playing with the Los Angeles Lakers in 1989. This showed him the boundless results that cooperative teamwork can achieve. His position as national sales manager for Fidelity National Title Group for five years, overseeing 3,600 sales executives in 50 states across the US, has yielded him knowledge of the payoff of hard work, determination, and drive.

These traits, along with his inspiring work ethic, equip him with the remarkable ability to see over the horizon to move stakeholders and partners to be the first to market. These honed skills have given him the strength and expertise he needs to implement his vision of finding the best ROI deal flow engine programs available to deliver to the best-in-class lenders, realtors, and affinity partners, ensuring that R.I.S.E. provides the best service for all stakeholders.

Just as impactful to his success as his positive experiences were his negative ones. Even after receiving adverse statements from many colleges calling him “Too slow, not athletic enough, too short” to play basketball for them, he persevered, going on to receive scholarships, smash records and win awards. When he joined this field, he was told “That’s the not the company culture, that’s not how it’s done.” When he made the decision to push harder as he had done in the past, focusing on his strengths rather than perceived weaknesses, his career took flight.

This mindset of allowing himself him to fail forward and exceed expectations when he was told he couldn’t has remained a driving force for him. His philosophy from playing sports to selling, managing, and leading a company can be summed up by his mantra: “Some people call it success. I call it failing forward. No one ever told their parents they want to be in the title insurance industry, yet I was able to become the first, and only, sales manager for the largest Fortune Top 250 company in the United States, Fidelity National Financial.”

Steve De Laveaga

Founder & CEO — Real Intelligent Sales Engagement (R.I.S.E)

Business Address: Higley, Arizona





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