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Steve Emberland, CPA


Silicon Valley native Steve Emberland, CPA, a seasoned executive with over 30 years of experience in high-tech, has found a new sense of purpose at Carrot Fertility, Inc. Born and raised in the heart of technological innovation, Steve's career journey has taken him through leadership roles in various technology companies. However, his latest venture at Carrot Fertility has brought a unique sense of impact, one that transcends the realm of driving revenue growth and corporate expansion.


Steve's career accomplishments are marked by his expertise in finance and operations and specialization in scaling technology companies. His proficiency has been showcased in his roles as VP of finance and administration for SoundHound AI, Inc., where he played a pivotal role in facilitating its public company listing on Nasdaq and helped to raise over $200 million in equity financing, and as vice president and corporate controller for Consensus Cloud Solutions, Inc. which he helped spin off from J2 Global, Inc., producing a public company listing on Nasdaq. 


In August 2023, Steve embraced a new challenge as the SVP of finance at Carrot Fertility, Inc., a pioneering and fast-growing global fertility care platform for employers and health plans. With Carrot's mission resonating deeply with his passion for technology and healthcare, Steve's decision to join the company was a natural progression in his journey. Carrot's unique offering of workplace benefits related to fertility care for all, along with its impactful services spanning over 130 countries, caught his attention. "Carrot reached out to me looking for a senior finance leader," Steve recalls, "The more I got involved in the process, met people, and learned about their mission, the more interested I became." The culture, kindness, and success-driven attitude of Carrot's team struck a chord with him, aligning with his leadership approach.


For Steve, leadership is deeply rooted in empathy and compassion. "I have an appreciation for the people on my team, and I operate as if they’re actual human beings—because they are," he explains. His unique leadership style is driven by his desire to see his team thrive, both professionally and personally. This people-first approach has led to high retention rates and a motivated, engaged workforce.


Steve's journey with Carrot Fertility has given him the opportunity to contribute to an organization that has a profound impact on individuals and families. Guided by his commitment to making a difference and adding value, Steve continues to navigate the dynamic world of technology and healthcare with a focus on the human aspect—the heart and soul of innovation.


Steve Emberland, CPA
SVP, Finance
Carrot Fertility, Inc.


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