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Steve Kodad is a national speaker and the owner of The Feng Shui School for Real Estate, a Florida based enterprise that provides essential training and certification for real estate agents and home staging professionals.

Since 2004, Steve has conducted over 300 seminars and trained nearly 5000 industry professionals. He has often been featured in the media and was engaged as a field producer and show advisor for the program, Home Staging Pros. His latest of three books, The Feng Shui Cure (for Home Sellers, was published in 2016.

Earlier in his career, Steve taught mathematics in New Jersey, where he also coached the basketball team to six straight years as conference champions. After moving to North Carolina, he entered the real estate industry and soon after, became a multi-million dollar producer and co-owner of the agency.

In 2003, Steve discovered the art of Feng Shui and began applying it to his selling technique. He then completed further training under some of the best-known teachers and earned several certifications. In 2004, he became a member of the exclusive, International Feng Shui Guild (IFSG) and went on to establish The Feng Shui Cure.

Steve is affiliated with the national agency, Bettsworks, which hosts educational seminars for real estate professionals. His upcoming appearance in Atlantic City, scheduled for December 2018, will be the second largest real estate conference in the country.

Steve holds 3 degrees; an MS in business education, a BA in math, and an AD in computer science. He recently had a course approved in Florida for continuing education and hopes to offer it aboard cruise ships. When he’s not traveling for training conferences, Steve enjoys exercising, hiking, and reading.

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