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Steve Malley: A Vanguard in Global Expansion Strategy


Steve Malley, the global head of EoR (Employer of Record) at HSP Group, is a trailblazer in global expansion strategies. With Rochester, New York as his base, Steve's influence stretches across continents, championing innovative methods that have shaped the landscape of international growth activities. He is the powerhouse behind HSP Group, a revolutionary entity in the global expansion services sector.


Steve's expertise is unparalleled, dedicated to assisting businesses in venturing into new global markets via EoR services. But his role extends beyond just providing the foundation; he also guides businesses on when to seamlessly transition from relying on EoR services to building their own infrastructure. This isn't surprising considering his prolific experience that spans over 15 years in consulting, mentoring, and solution development for diverse clients worldwide. One testament to his global reach is his involvement in various international conferences as a presenter and consultant.


The very fabric of HSP Group embodies Steve's innovative spirit. Distinct from its competitors, HSP Group offers a holistic solution for global expansion. Whether a company wishes to use EoR in a single market or establish its entity there later, they need to engage with only one provider: HSP Group. Steve's brainchild, the "EoR Graduate," is a disruptive tool with practical application across thousands of companies worldwide. With the global remote work culture gaining unprecedented momentum, especially post-COVID, Steve's foresight to develop such solutions has positioned HSP Group at the forefront, partnering with industry leaders like Deel and others across the global expansion landscape.


But what truly sets Steve apart is his unwavering professional ethic. Guided by the principle of doing the right thing consistently – not just when under scrutiny – he chooses genuine, long-term relationships over transient gains. For Steve, a client's success isn't just about revenue; it's about creating a meaningful, rewarding business experience.


Steve's professional journey has been nothing short of spectacular. His tenure as global head of strategic partnerships/alliances at Deel witnessed a meteoric growth from 0 to $100 million in Annual Recurring Revenue (ARR) in a mere 18 months – a record for any SaaS company. This impressive trajectory, where his division alone contributed almost 30% of the revenue, is a testament to his acumen.


Educationally, Steve is an honors graduate from St. Bonaventure University. He has also left his mark as an author, contributing immensely to HSP Group's knowledge repository. His articles like "The Ultimate Checklist for Global Hiring" and "Using EoR for Your First International Hire: Next Steps" serve as invaluable resources for companies navigating the labyrinth of global expansion.


Yet, amid all these accomplishments, what resonates most about Steve is his passion for supporting global growth and every day, he virtually traverses the globe, interacting with business leaders from Japan to Spain. This virtual globe-trotting not only reflects the potential, but also underscores Steve's belief in the power of global collaboration and cultural exchange.


As a pioneer in global expansion, with predictions indicating the sector's potential to become a $100 billion industry by 2028, Steve Malley is undeniably a force to reckon with. He isn't just driving businesses forward; he's reshaping the very contours of global corporate growth.



Steve Malley
Global Head of EoR

HSP Group


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