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Steven and Jessica Poulos

As a married couple with five children, Steven and Jessica Poulos understand the importance of home and family. Therefore, when the they founded Northwest Home Team Realty in 2017, they agreed that their principle mission would be to serve others. So, instead of asking how many houses they could sell, the duo set out asking how many families they could serve. It is this the unique outlook that sets Northwest Home Team Realty apart from all the other real estate companies in the industry.

Although Steve and Jessica are both owners and work together on all projects, each of them has a specialized role in the business. For instance, with over sixteen years of real estate experience, Jessica serves as the designated broker. Her responsibilities include reviewing contracts, supervising employee training, and managing daily operations. Most importantly, Jessica acknowledges that real estate is usually a person’s largest investment. Therefore, she strives to personally invest in her clients in order to help ensure financial return for them and to make their dreams of home ownership come true.

Before becoming a realtor in 2006, Steve spent fourteen years working in the construction industry. Therefore, he serves as head of the construction division- the largest part of the business. He oversees planning, marketing and building every home and neighborhood represented by the company. Still, he is not concerned with how many they can build or sell. Steve says that his “main goal is to build high quality homes and to develop well-laid out and beautiful neighborhoods to improve the community.” Unlike many other developers, he is not interested in “cookie cutter” housing, which has earned him much appreciation from clients and communities.

Due to Steve and Jessica’s hard work and dedication, in only two years, Northwest Home Team Realty has grown considerably. What began as four sales brokers and one administrator has evolved into an impressive company with twenty-one agents and three staff members. In addition to an increase in agents, they have been generating approximately 450 new customers per month. They also get a lot of repeat business because their agents are professional, well-trained, and always put their clients first.

In fact, Steve and Jessica say that their agents are what really separates them from other real estate companies. Unlike traditional brokerages, Northwest Home Team Realty dedicates a great deal of time to training their brokers. They coach them on how to sell a home, how to assist buyers, and how to market their properties. Training is specific and once completed, the agent will receive a book full of business from the company. Therefore, lots of agents are now coming to Northwest Home Team Realty. They have a desire to understand real estate and how business works, and they know they will have clients to work with once they complete the requirements.

Just as they believe in the importance of family, Northwest Home Team Realty also believes in supporting the community. Therefore, each agent donates a portion of his or her commission to a community fund. Last year, they raised over $4,000 for Homes for Heroes and have already surpassed that amount this year. Part of their team’s philosophy is to show integrity by doing the right thing.” Steve and Jessica’s commitment to their clients and to their community shows their determination to practice and to uphold this philosophy.

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