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Steven Libman

As the founder and managing partner of a successful real estate investment firm, Steven Libman has over ten years of experience in the real estate business. He started by brokering deals, seeking out lucrative opportunities, and now, closing on profitable investments for his private investment firm, Integrity Holdings Group.  

Steven is a managing partner with Integrity Holdings Group, a commercial real estate investment firm that is focused on creating stable, consistent, passive cash flow for their investors. In business for ten years, the firm has experienced tremendous growth and acquired $65 million worth of commercial assets in 2019.

Based in New Jersey, Integrity Holdings Group has a national presence and focuses on the acquisition of value-add properties with a specific focus on multi-family, student housing, and self-storage assets in the Southeastern and Midwestern areas of the United States. The management team has over 35 years of combined real estate experience and demonstrated expertise in building foundational relationships, identifying attractive investments, and executing efficient management techniques that maximize investor yield. Integrity Holdings is focused on identifying assets which have current in-place cash flow and strong returns through various value-add physical and managerial improvements. Integrity Holdings Group’s stringent underwriting process and guidelines offer investors higher than average, risk-adjusted returns.

As a managing partner, Steven focuses on investor relations and oversees the day-to-day operations of the business, including researching new deals, managing current deals, exceeding investor expectations, and speaking with new investors. He also plans and participates in various public informational sessions, where he and his team offer advice and education regarding commercial real estate, financial education, and alternative investment opportunities.

Steven explains why real estate investments are better options and less risky than the stock market; “There is lower volatility in our industry, especially in the asset classes we participate in. Unlike the residential end, commercial real estate is more stable and doesn’t have the same instability as the stock market.  It is a tangible asset that never goes to true zero. You are investing in something tangible, unlike a stock, bond, or mutual fund.”

The team at Integrity Holdings Group is extremely passionate about financial education.


Steven explains, “There are three levels of education:

Formal:  Reading, writing, and arithmetic, which we all learn.

Professional:  The skills acquired to do your job and earn an income

Financial:  The least talked about but most important aspect when discussing, creating, and preserving wealth.”

Steven graduated from Boston University in 2004, receiving a B.A. in sociology. He is an active member and sits on the board of trustees at his church, is a member of the Forbes NY Business Council, host of the Free from Wall Street podcast, and has been published in Forbes multiple times.

Steven Libman, Managing Partner

Integrity Holdings Group, LLC

1358 Hooper Ave, Suite 316

Toms River NJ 08753

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