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Q&A with Steven Mayer​, CEO of Valiant Consultants

Tell us about Valiant Consultants.

We are in the Amazon automation space, meaning we set up and scale Amazon stores for our clients. Our back office portal shows clients how to set up a store, get the LLC and the certificates then we take things from there. We have three warehouses—all in the U.S.—and over 1,000 staff members throughout the countries of Canada, the U.S., Australia, and the Philippines who will find products for our clients. We have a team for every aspect of the business, such as enrollment advisors, who set up our clients, account managers assigned to each client, and then we have teams who go through all documents from clients, some reach out to suppliers, some build websites for clients, etc. Others doing product research to make sure the products will sell on Amazon. Other team members purchase orders, and others are in warehouses fulfilling these orders. In another division, team members answering questions online and responding immediately to buyers or potential buyers from the store, as well as a large customer service team to answer and respond to calls, because it is important for each Amazon store to have great customer service.

The best part of what we do is we’re in the wholesale space. Most people on Amazon buy from China, put their label on it, and sell it. All of our products are made in the United States and are only branded products, such as Disney, Johnson & Johnson, etc. We have buying power, so each of our more than clients purchase wholesale items that people are already searching for. These products are across all categories, and we have over 3,000 suppliers and a team dedicated to bringing on 150 new suppliers every month.

What makes Valiant Consultants unique among others in this space?

I have been with Amazon for over seven years and partnered with two other experts in their respective fields. Combined, the three of us have over 20 years of experience between Amazon, marketing, systems and customer service. Due to the volume we do, we have special partnerships with suppliers that others will not have access to. Just to get into the industry, you must have at least one warehouse, and most competitors can’t afford a warehouse. People invest with us to invest in our knowledge, experience, teams, and suppliers, and a lot of our suppliers are no longer taking new clients.

Your reason for starting the company is also unique. Tell us about that.

Well, the company didn’t need to start. I was already successful. Money wasn’t the reason. We got into this because we wanted to give back and help people. We’re doing it for all the right reasons and will always do what we can to make our clients win. This happens because we consistently spent hundreds of thousands of dollars helping clients and investing into better systems and client support structure. Clients always come first—always. We’re willing to lose money on the front end to make sure the client is happy, so there is tremendous benefit when investing in us. Also, a portion of all profits go towards two charities we have partnered with to help prevent and abolish child trafficking.

How did you come to found the company?

I was working in the credit repair space as VP of sales of the largest company in Canada, in charge of hiring, managing, and training the sales team. One day, I realized that in the five years I’d been there, we had made that company over $50 million, and I realized that I wanted to do this for myself. I ran into a friend of mine who was doing very well on Amazon so immediately I went home and researched it then learned about Amazon private label. The first year, I spent thousands of dollars learning and failing, and I noticed that everyone was doing it the same way. Then I found a new way of doing product research, and I founded the 24 core pillars, which led me to create several million-dollar Amazon businesses that I sold.

I have a passion for teaching and for giving back, so I created a 40-hour course called, FBA Freedom Hackers, that taught people how to successfully do Amazon, everything from A to Z—how to create your own private label brand, the software needed, feedback, reviews, launching the store, third-party giveaways, etc. In the meantime, I had built up two companies, one in the supplement field, and the other was baby/home/ kitchen brand. They began from nothing, but I used the techniques that I had founded to grow them into large businesses. I eventually sold them both for over seven figures.

I had already started my YouTube channel to teach people my techniques, so when I sold the companies, I transitioned to full-time teaching and coaching. Just like any other course, I was seeing 10 to 15 percent of students succeeding, which frustrated me, so my two partners and I joined forces, and instead of teaching, we actually do the work for these people now. We take a profit from the companies, so everyone has an incentive to make money. That is how the company was born.

Can you share some of the charitable causes Valiant Consultants is involved with?

Giving to charities is one of our missions. It is very important to us. Our company motto is “Fueled by results, driven with integrity.” This applies not only to our business practices, but to our commitment to giving back. Integrity is part of the company. Any time someone invests in the company, we donate to two different charities—Remember Nhu and Operation Underground Railroad. Additionally to these, we always are looking for ways to give back to those that need it most.


Steven Mayer

CEO — Valiant Consultants






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