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Sudha Dwivedi

To Sudha Dwivedi, the global chief human resources officer at Teranet Inc., Canada's leader in the delivery and transformation of statutory registry services, leadership is not merely a title, but a profound calling in the service of others—and a philosophy that she exemplifies. She’s a passionate champion of diversity and inclusion and an expert in creating high-performance cultures that deliver long-term impact for companies, individuals, and communities.

"To me, leadership is a way of being," Sudha says. "It's about throwing the ladder across or down to help others." Throughout her career, Sudha has embraced this responsibility with unwavering dedication, leaving an indelible mark on the organizations she’s led—from a Fortune 500 medical technology company and across the landscape of health care, financial services, consulting, and transportation. Today, Sudha is a driving force behind Teranet’s progressive workplace culture where every voice is heard, everyone has a seat at the table, and everyone can contribute and grow.

In this exclusive interview, Sudha shares her unique views on leadership, her role in fostering a thriving workplace, and the principles that guide her.

Let’s start at the core. You mentioned that leadership is not just a position, but a way of being. Could you elaborate on this philosophy?

To me, leadership transcends titles and positions; it is a way of being in service to others. As leaders, we must ensure that our teams feel valued and supported both within and outside of work. By embracing the whole person, we create a safe space for vulnerability and that is what enables them to thrive, grow and realize their full potential. Trust is fundamental—I want my team to trust that I have their backs and that their voices will be heard and respected. My entire HR team at Teranet is so awesome. I learn from them every day. I don’t play an instrument here. They’re the orchestra that makes the beautiful music. I’m just the conductor.

Why did you choose a career in HR, and how does it align with your purpose as a leader?

I love what I do. I firmly believe that we, in HR, have the ability to impact not only organizational success but also the lives of individuals and hence, communities.  When people are treated well, compensated fairly, and have their needs met at work, it positively influences other aspects of their lives. When we advance the organization, we help people grow and develop which in turn builds better communities and a more inclusive society. That’s how we make the world a better place—one person at a time paying it forward.

You’ve been praised for your ability to create high-performance workplace cultures. Could you elaborate on this aspect of your role with Teranet?

Modernizing technology, implementing growth strategies, and supporting mergers and acquisitions are table stakes for leaders.  What truly drives long-term impact is the ability to inspire and effect positive cultural change. I take immense pride in cultivating a culture of performance, inclusivity and accountability. I work closely with executives and leaders to take meaningful, courageous actions every day to enable strategic results while living our shared values—making them more than just words on a wall. It is about walking the talk and achieving more together.


You’re a passionate champion of diversity and inclusion, Sudha, and really the embodiment of both. How does this show in your actions within Teranet?

As a female leader from an East Indian heritage, I bring a unique perspective to building an inclusive culture. I openly share my experiences and just as important, my adversity and challenges, using them as tools for personal and collective growth. By being openly vulnerable and authentic, I encourage others to do the same. Furthermore, I view it as my responsibility to support and uplift other women and people of colour, acting as a mentor, coach, and sponsor, both inside and outside the organization.

Your dedication to helping others extends beyond the workplace and into the community. Tell us about this.

I come from a family that emphasized service, so giving back is ingrained in me. I actively engage in pro bono work as a certified leadership and life skills coach, primarily focusing on marginalized communities, women, and people of colour. My life’s work is about making a difference and that means I take my ladder wherever I go—it is about helping each other succeed.


Sudha Dwivedi

Chief Human Resources Officer — Teranet Inc.



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