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Sue Gonyea


Sue Gonyea is the founder and president of Gonyea Properties, Inc., a Minnesota-based real estate company that has been providing residential and commercial services to buyers and sellers since 1994. She and her team are not only industry leaders in investing, selling, and leasing, but they also specialize in rehabs, rentals, and property management solutions throughout the Minneapolis and St. Paul Metro areas.


With over 30 years of real estate experience, as well as a bachelor’s and a master’s degree in education, Sue is a natural teacher with a passion for educating her clients and listening to their individual needs. She is deeply protective of everyone she represents and works to navigate the process to bring them to a place that makes financial sense for them. “People come back to me because they trust I will work my hardest for them, and they know I would rather they not buy anything than buy something that isn’t right for them,” Sue explains. For her, real estate is not about money; it’s about helping people make educated decisions that will improve and enrich their lives.


In addition to her role at Gonyea Properties, Sue is also the founder of Do Good Things, a nonprofit organization that provides young people with local volunteer opportunities. The program teaches them how to be better leaders and helps them acquire the skills necessary to become successful as adults in the “real world.”



Sue Gonyea

Founder and President

Gonyea Properties, Inc.

Hopkins, Minnesota


Do Good Things:

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