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Susan Motkaluk, PEng 

Susan Motkaluk is a compassionate people leader and stakeholder-centered certified coach trained in helping others to reach their fullest potential.


The recipient of the 2022 Chair Excellence Award and 2019 TEC Canada’s Top Gun accolade, Susan is also a professional engineer and published author. Focused on the power of the circle, Susan’s newest penned work, Seasons of the Soul, captures leadership lessons through a seasonal approach and the natural laws that apply. “Over the course of my career, I’ve always used the circle as a way of sharing and caring to further advance the power within each individual, company, or community,” she states. “The magic is that you assemble like-minded individuals, and because of their common interests or common goals, we have connections or bonds that can be formed because of that commonality, which is truly remarkable.” A believer in honoring people in their own unique circumstances, Susan helps others to serve themselves. As CEO of Sustainable Development & Monitoring, Susan mentors, inspires and advises individuals and corporations alike.


With service offerings that include dramatic business turnarounds and transformational leadership training, the Ontario-based organization is a professional management company dedicated to fostering the success of others. “We take a very unique approach to storytelling as it relates to the seasons,” Susan explains. “Even when we’re working on solutions and unpacking issues, we’ll do it through a circle approach. Not only are circles inherently balanced and equal, but within a circle, we are all equal.”


Through her own advisory work, Susan provides executive coaching and fractional C-Suite offerings. She served as a CEO Coach and Member Advisor for TEC Canada, CEO of Southbridge Development Corporation, CAO of Swift Current, Saskatchewan, and board chair of Value Connect Inc, Major FinTech. Having dedicated her life to “seeing the invisible and doing the impossible,” she provides tailored coaching through personal experience. “I love contributing to the success of others, and watching a person or entity reach their potential—or even surpass it,” she states. “Being part of that growth mindset and journey is my greatest joy.”


Susan holds a Bachelor of Applied Science in civil engineering. She’s also the author of the book Watershed Health Monitoring: Emerging Technologies.


Susan Motkaluk, PEng

CEO — Sustainable Development & Monitoring



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