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Susan P. Gibson

Susan Gibson never intended to start her own company, but personally observing the horrors of memory loss changed all that and turned a reluctant entrepreneur into the architect of an award-winning enterprise. After spending 30 years in leadership at pharmaceutical companies, including Genentech, Jazz Pharmaceuticals, and Corgentech, Susan founded Vivolor® Therapeutics in 2018, a brain health and memory wellness company that provides education on lifestyle actions that optimize cognition and a potent nutraceutical. “I attended scientific conferences, read medical literature and quickly discovered specific methods that were successfully improving memory.” In just five short years, Vivolor® has served thousands of consumers and companies, offering training on natural, evidence-based techniques to improve memory and help prevent dementia, and a powerful supplement.

Scientific experts estimate 95% of memory loss can be prevented and data shows thousands of cases have improved. Vivolors® virtual and online programs include Peak Brain Performance, which focuses on helping employees achieve optimal brain health. Most people aren’t operating at their best because they don’t know which daily activities help brain performance. This program engrains productive habits to support top performance using Vivolor’s proprietary six pillars of brain health.

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Maximize Your Memory Challenge is a virtual masterclass that uses assessments and insight activities to encourage participants to apply their brain health learnings in their own life.  Vivolor® provides lots of options so participants can select the activities that are best for them in creating their own personalized memory health plan. 

Emphasizing natural methods that have scientific evidence, Vivolor® also offers a nutrient-rich mega-supplement, Vivolor® Memory Support. One customer, Dr. Richard Johnson, independently wrote three books about how Vivolor® changed his life.  His most recent book titled, I Feel 15 Years Younger, mentions 50 different specific aspects of his life that were noticeably improved!  Amazing!  Many people have had their memory and hope restored.  Vivolor® is making a powerful difference in the world, which we acknowledge with this award!

Susan holds an MBA from Harvard University. She’s a registered pharmacist, certified coach, and certified functional nutritionist.

Susan P. Gibson

President & Founder — Vivolor® Therapeutics, Inc.


LinkedIn:  (99+) Susan Gibson

Facebook: (20+) Vivolor Therapeutics Inc. | Facebook and (20+) Susan Gibson | Facebook

Instagram: Susan Gibson (@susan.gibson.940) • Instagram photos and videos

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