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Suzanne Rocha

When you think of a real estate agent, you might also think about the classic “For Sale” signs on the lawn or all the neighbors showing up to an “Open House” once the owner has left.  But to Suzanne Rocha, those signs and tactics are images of the past and she is a broker offering new techniques and tools for the future. Her approach has made a positive impact on the industry while providing better options for her clients.  Suzanne’s approach is refreshing, comprehensive and unique as the owner/broker of Cal Home Real Estate Services. With a focus on listings, Suzanne leverages emerging technology to attract buyers and obtain the highest price without sacrificing her clients’ privacy or safety. She offers a customized plan based on listening to the needs and goals of her clients.  Suzanne is available to help those needing her services in Northern California, specifically, the Bay Area.


It’s not just the great marketing that gives her a unique approach to the business; Suzanne has a background in psychology, which is displayed in her empathetic yet professional approach. She says, “effective listening is KEY.” Her unique ability to listen, plan, and guide her clients has contributed to her notable success. She has received countless awards, including TOP Agent Awards, Hall of Fame, and Pinnacle honors. Suzanne has also appeared in numerous business and real estate publications showcasing her success.


Today, Cal Home is a boutique firm focused on personalized service and client success. The small, yet power-house team, allows for comprehensive attention to each client and they handle everything from routine home selling to more complex situations such as probate, trust sales, and distressed properties.


For Suzanne, it’s more than simply completing a financially successful transaction, she also ensures peace of mind for her clients. She also works with seniors, guiding them and their families through the emotional process of selling a home they may have lived in for decades. “Finding solutions to benefit my clients both emotionally and financially is very rewarding for me.”


Known as ‘The Real Expert You Can Trust,’ people have been watching Suzanne on Bay Area television for years. Television offers a unique opportunity for potential clients to see her and get to know her. Her sincerity and compassion shines through. She has been seen on Bay Area TV networks in addition to CNN, MSNBC, and HGTV.  Suzanne has a passion for giving back to the community, supporting various homeless coalitions to find shelter for the unhoused. Suzanne believes that pets are also an integral part of families as seen in her plan to always keep pets safe in selling properties. Suzanne also supports numerous Bay Area animal foundations.



Suzanne Rocha

Owner & Broker — Cal Home Real Estate Services


LinkedIn: Suzanne Rocha

Facebook: Cal Home Real Estate Services

Instagram: @SuzanneRocha18

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