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Swati Garg

Swati Garg is passionate about helping people reach their goals and realize their dreams. She is the founder and CEO of both Melo Associates and Swati Garg, LLC. She’s been featured in Yahoo Finance and USA Today, and was named one of SmartKarrot’s Top 50 Customer Success Influencers of 2021. “What drives me is helping an individual take action to get closer to their big picture and those are the solutions I create, she said.


Melo Associates, founded in 2016, is a Chicago-based, customer success recruitment firm that focuses on the intersection of customer-facing and technical roles. “Our mission is to create opportunities that are mutually beneficial, embracing the strengths and values of both the individual and the organization, ensuring professional satisfaction is a two-way street,” she shared. They work with people and employers nationwide, from a company looking for candidates with a niche skill set, to a professional seeking their next step. They differentiate themselves by their customer success specialty by continuously educating themselves in the space and adding value to the community. Swati created and sponsors a Chicago customer success meetup, writes customer success hiring content, and participates in several online communities.


Swati launched Swati Garg, LLC, in February 2023 with a single vision: “to provide smart and creative solutions that inspire and help people to discover their purpose, pursue their passion, and take action in the direction of their dreams." She does this through two unique flagship products: “Your Mindset is Your PAL” process and “Your Mindset is Your Pal” marketplace. Swati’s process operates through a video series that coaches her clients through the procedure of adopting a proactive mindset using the process PAL: Pause, Are you Ready for Action? And Let’s Take Action! She teaches actionable steps for facing life’s challenges and attaining goals, from everyday obstacles to long term ambitions. She then reinforces the program through the marketplace, providing resources for personal and professional progression. These include diverse development tools to help individuals take action—and the variety of tools is continually growing as Swati creates new products and connects with new merchants to broaden the scope of those she can help. “That’s why I create,” she said. “When I think of a solution that will fill a gap, make a difference, and create a strong impact, I execute.”


Swati Garg received her Bachelor of Science degree in psychology and Bachelor of Arts in communication, with business minor, as well as her Master of Human Resources and Industrial Relations degree from the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign.


Swati Garg

Founder & CEO — Melo Associates and Swati Garg, LLC





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