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Sydney Phillips

By the time Sydney Phillips was just 22 years old, she had already built and founded five successful companies in finance, tech, and real estate. A serial entrepreneur on a mission to push humanity forward, Sydney has seven years’ experience in commercial real estate and as an investor and developer in multifamily, retail, office, and hotel properties. Today, she leads a commercial real estate conglomerate, with three firms focused on investment and development. In 2019, she founded Daring Greatly, supporting women, LGBTQIA+, and minority business founders, and she regularly speaks all over the U.S. to and for women in STEM leadership. In June 2020, Sydney embarked on her latest business, Zukurri, as founder and CEO. Zukurri creates interactive visualizations for real estate that enable buyers, brokers, investors, and communities to imagine real estate possibilities. “By leveraging augmented and virtual reality, we visualize and experience unbuilt spaces to plan, design, communicate and market,” Sydney explains. Headquartered in Austin, Texas, Zukurri’s clients include commercial real estate developers, architects, and homebuilders across the country. For her real estate work as well as her development of Zukurri, Sydney won the 2020 Young Female Entrepreneur of the Year Award and was named among the Top 25 Most Influential Women in Commercial Real Estate.

Zukurri was inspired by Sydney’s own frustration with the lack of speed she found in the real estate industry. She soon realized this was due to lack of visualization. Using AR and VR to facilitate planning, design, and communication, Zukurri’s proprietary software, which clients can download to their phones and computers, can be scaled to imagine homes and neighborhoods, or whole communities and cities. It turns blueprints into 3D interactive experiences, with an emphasis on breathtaking realism for better planning, risk mitigation, and design, as well as better communicating ideas to multiple parties. One day, Sydney hopes this software can be even used to plan communities on other planets.

In addition to changing the face of real estate and design planning with Zukurri, Sydney is also host of her own podcast, The Sydney Phillips Podcast, and an author, keynote speaker, and amateur race car driver. Considering herself a futurist, she’s also a member of the Mars Society and the Singularity University. She holds a BA from Texas Christian University.

Sydney Phillips

Founder & CEO — Zukurri