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Syed Wafa


Syed Wafa is a first-generation immigrant from Bangladesh. He grew up in the Middle East and attended college at University of Toronto. Following graduation, he pursued a career in the United States. Despite facing numerous challenges as an immigrant, he persevered and continued to follow the American Dream. His hard work led him to his first job at BNY Mellon. He has since held successful leadership roles at start-ups and Fortune 500 companies, such as Booz Allen Hamilton and Bloomberg.

Syed’s ambitions for success have been ingrained since an early age. He recounts winning a gold medal in a national martial arts competition during his childhood, where he was the youngest competitor in his bracket. He describes the importance of being resilient in the face of adversity and using such experiences to drive personal growth.

Currently, as head of the consumer electronics strategy and enterprise project management office at Samsung, Syed drives strategic initiatives and brings new ideas to life. He credits his growth as a leader to the culture at Samsung. He has achieved significant professional accomplishments at Samsung; notably, he pioneered the first-ever TV subscription program in the consumer electronics industry.

Syed is deeply committed to driving societal impact across communities. His passion arose during an internship at Grameen Bank in Bangladesh, where he studied microfinance under the Nobel Peace Prize laureate, Muhammad Yunus. Today, Syed mentors children in local public schools and advises nonprofit organizations on improving access to technology in underprivileged societies.


Syed Wafa

Director of Strategy & Enterprise PMO — Samsung Electronics America


Instagram: SyedAamerWafa

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