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Sylvia Panek

Sylvia Panek is a Chicago-based financial advisor for  Natural Investments, LLC, a unique RIA financial advisory firm specializing in socially responsible investing, or as the company calls it “regenerative investing”. Since its inception 30 years ago, the company serves conscientious clients who are committed to investing in a socially responsible manner. “This is a way people can align their values with their vision for the world, by investing in ways that have positive and meaningful impact,” Sylvia shares.

Sylvia joined the firm in 2018 with over 15 years of expertise in sustainable and socially responsible investing—and a passion for a field to which she has dedicated her entire professional life. She began as an educator and advocate in 2005, working as division assistant for Green America’s socially responsible investing division. In 2010, she joined US SIF: The Forum for Sustainable and Responsible Investment, where she served for five years as assistant director of operations and development before becoming a financial advisor.

She found the perfect match in Natural Investments, now known as a leader in the field. Designed for investors who want to place their wealth in funds and companies that support a healthy planet and   equitable society, the firm chooses products that embody these principles. “What I admire about Natural Investments is that before our team even considers the financial viability of an investment, we always ask first, ‘What is the impact focus here?’” she explains. “Our advisors all believe strongly in their work and what they do for their clients. We understand the urgent need to transition to clean energy, so they created a fossil fuel-free portfolio nearly a decade ago. We have a deep understanding of the field, as well as a history of innovation.”

The company’s commitment to SRI does not live in the silo of its offices. Twenty years ago, when the firm’s leaders noticed mutual funds that were claiming to be socially responsible, they created the country’s first social rating system  – called the Heart Rating - and made it publicly available on its website. Natural Investments is also a founding B-Corp member—a certification for companies that consider environmental and social impact in their operations—and regularly achieves the Best for the World award.


Sylvia Panek, AIF®

Financial Advisor — Natural Investments, LLC

1 N. State St., #1500

Chicago, IL 60602



Download the 2020 Top 100 People in Finance Magazine and see Sylvia's feature on page 101.

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