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Taamir Ransome


A decorated U.S. Army veteran, Taamir Ransome served as the Counter WMD Sergeant Major for the United States Special Operations Command. Today, he is a founder and board member at Vet-Dev Institute, which specializes in finding or implementing technology solutions when others say it cannot be done. It is headquartered in North Carolina with partner companies, including Chaos Developers in Georgia, Delaware, and Upstate New York. In addition, its sister company, Data in Motion, is building a community and online platform to help people break into the data science industry.


Taamir focuses on providing technological solutions for companies that either cannot afford a full-time Chief Technology Officer or do not require one. Often juggling four to five different contracts at a time, he handles such complicated tasks as new web design or the integration software and hardware solutions. Working primarily with the defense and government sectors, he and his team of skilled problem solvers understand the technology, helping to bridge the gap between high-tech workers—often those with PhDs—and the customer base by facilitating communication between the two sides. “What I enjoy the most is being able to give people quick solutions thus helping them save money,” Taamir said. “We pride ourselves in saying, ‘Don’t spend that $1,000,000, give us a couple of weeks and we'll tell you, for way less money, whether you're going down the right path or not. Essentially, we provide technology ensure-ance.”


While Vet-Dev Institute delivers technological solutions, its sister company, Data in Motion, offers learning opportunities in coding, python, and data science, with a focus on military veterans to help them thrive in new careers. The company is also pursuing aiding former sex traffic victims by helping them integrate into the world by teaching them technology.


Taamir received numerous awards throughout his military career, including The Army Commendation Medal For Valorous Actions, The Bronze Star Medal, and the Legion of Merit. He has also received numerous academic awards. He is the author of The Apex Problem Solver: Understanding Critical and Creative Thinking to Enhance Complex Problem Solving and The Remote Work Blueprint: Tips for Working Remotely and Increasing Productivity in the Office of Everywhere.



Taamir Ransome

Board Member — Vet-Dev Institute

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