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Tabitha Sukhai

Tabitha Sukhai has had a remarkable career. Years ago, she began her journey in the magazine industry and evolved into a top digital marketer. She worked for Time, Inc. during the transition from print to digital, and the adoption of social media as a distribution channel for content. It was during this tenure that she would rise in the ranks to launch an exclusive digital micro-site and community, sponsored by IKEA. The lean publishing CMS development and niche community building that Tabitha implemented would become the foundation for what is now Meredith Corporation’s content marketing studio. Tabitha has also worked to create a flexible data-driven methodology for digital marketing that carries to various industries, with tried and tested strategies she uses with great success today. Currently, she consults for various brands, focusing on BIPOC- and woman-owned businesses and organizations that serve underrepresented audiences.

Much of Tabitha’s career was spent in corporate environments, where she was often the only person of color in most rooms. This fueled her drive to advocate for inclusion, and she was a champion for increasing diversity among the families featured by the multimedia home improvement brand, This Old House. She was always adamant about sharing useful, empowering information through media, and although Tabitha was able to create meaningful messages through content, she wanted to make a bigger impact. In 2019, Tabitha struck out on her own as an independent consultant. “Now I have the freedom to use my skills to amplify voices that otherwise might not be heard,” she says. The move has allowed her to handpick clients who benefit from delivering important messages to the audiences who need them most, especially in her work at Mountainside treatment centers where she serves individuals struggling with addiction and their families.

“It’s important for me to provide a megaphone for people who are doing great things but are having a hard time breaking through all the noise,” Tabitha said. These days, she actively mentors junior professionals while serving as strong representation for women of color in business. She feels very fortunate to have the skills and expertise to “amplify the good” while thriving at her craft through the pandemic, and having the flexible time to always put her family first.

Tabitha Sukhai
Digital Marketing Strategist

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