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Tamunoibim appears in the Top 100 

Canadian Professionals Magazine

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Tamunoibim Sambo


While working as a research assistant, Tamunoibim Sambo, who immigrated from Nigeria to Canada, learned that about 80% of unstructured health data such as free-text physician notes, faxed records, lab reports, and medical images, remained untapped. He realized that there was incredible potential in unstructured data for the improvement of patient outcomes. Furthermore, in some developing countries where there is often no power, there is need to digitize unstructured data and link it to electronic healthcare records. His goal was to figure out ways to provide solutions for this critical issue. Using his combined training in health services research and natural language processing, he eventually did just that when he founded Full Picture Research & Technologies Inc. The company incorporates advanced technology development with qualitative, quantitative, and mixed-methods research to address current and future challenges in delivering health services to patients in Canada.


“Our goal is to unlock the value stored in unstructured data to rapidly provide life-saving preventative care to patients and assess the value of new and existing health technologies, medications, and programs for a sustainable health system,” Tamunoibim said. He and his team of seasoned experts and talented innovators combine their expertise to bring together digital research and technology into one company. They also flag areas where health inequities exist, bring this to the attention of stakeholders, and work with community partners to develop solutions to address these disparities. “Our mission is to improve society through rigorous research, state-of-the-art technology, human-centeredness, and exceptional service,” he explained.



Tamunoibim Sambo

Founder & CEO — Full Picture Research & Technologies Inc.



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