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Tanice "TK" Gonsalves

A serial entrepreneur with a string of successful ventures, Tanice Gonsalves, who goes by “TK,” is a seasoned pro in the field of federal contracting. In fact, it’s the acronym-heavy field she’s in that even inspired her nickname. She got her start in the business in 2005, and quickly learned the ropes. She was put into a number of different key positions, which added even more to her portfolio of knowledge, experience and network which opened many doors for her and others who she has mentored. After four years with her first company, she joined a billion-dollar firm as a business development executive, working for two years among active and retired high-ranking military personnel and focusing on the Department of Defense market. Working her way up the ranks, TK soon reached the C-levels and became a chief strategy officer. Today, she’s president and part-owner of WTI alongside her business partner Cindy Ford, CEO of WTI, a women-owned, multimillion-dollar federal contracting firm specializing in providing services around information technology, AI, training, mission support, healthcare, cyber security, and data. TK commended her business partner, Cindy, for making WTI a solid start for continued growth and spoke about her strong partnership of trust and uniformity with Cindy. With “Everything Data” as is their motto, WTI provides information technology, artificial intelligence, healthcare, health IT, training and, of course, data services to federal government agencies, the Department of Defense (DOD), Health and Human Services (HHS), FEMA, U.S. Special Operations Command (USSOCOM) and others. Under TK’s guidance, WTI has expanded its footprint by more than 2,000 strategic partners and seven key clients over just the past three years and has grown to become one of the leading AI services companies for the federal government—with $4 billion in federal government contract vehicle ceiling awards, including a $950 million contract vehicle for USSOCOM.


As a leader of this fast-growing company, WTI, based in Fairfax, Virginia, TK covers all growth and strategy and has defined the vision and mission of the company as the president of WTI. She oversees all business development, capture, pricing, and proposals, as well as managing the advisory board, and is in charge of the development and execution of long-term strategies with the goal of increasing revenue and the company’s positioning in the federal market and staying abreast of the market landscape and industry developments. “I’ve developed a strong vision for the company,” she says. “We have a clear, successful path and have stayed true to the defined vision.” In addition, TK is also the CEO of TKMG, an advisory, consulting, and mentoring firm, as well as TesLoop, a startup mobile app and investment company, and Saint Rose Capital (SRC), a real estate investment company. She also founded Intelligence LLC (INTELLIGENCE), an Artificial Intelligence (AI) services firm for commercial and federal clients that was awarded a $50 million contract for the Health and Human Services Department.


TK credits her success to her creative, strategic, and out-of-the-box thinking, something she inherited from her mother and her sister, a successful entrepreneur and a renowned published poet, respectively, and something she hopes to pass on to her own daughter. “Watching my mom successfully manage five companies gave me my entrepreneurial mindset,” she says. TK also has the unique benefit of an international educational background, studying at an international academy in Jamaica before getting her master’s degree in international trade from Johnson and Wales University in Rhode Island, where she met her soulmate and now husband of 17 years. She is grateful for her husband as “he holds things down so I can soar for my family,” she says. “My family is my backbone for success. I want to leave a legacy for my daughter, so she knows that there is a secret sauce to success and that I provide her with all the ingredients of that sauce early in her life.”


TK helps set WTI apart from competitors not only through her honesty and passion, but also by never being afraid to take on big projects that other, smaller companies might shy away from. Her motto when it comes to bidding is “If you don’t bat, you don’t win,” and encourages her team to be similarly tenacious. TK is dedicated to not only providing top-notch service and support for clients, but also maintaining a high level of social responsibility with each project, as well as cultivating and maintaining client relationships. “I want to build strong relationships and never deviate from those relationships. I want clients to get the support we talk about in the proposal,” she says. “The execution of excellence is important, not just writing it on a piece of paper but delivering and delivering it big.” She’s also passionate about mentoring and empowering young adults to reach for their own dreams. “Anything you decide to do, you can do, and anything that you want, you can get,” she says. “If you don't try and aspire for it, then it will not happen.”


Tanice “TK” Gonsalves

President — WTI

Website: www.wti-solutions.com

LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/tanice-t-k-gonsalves-8529295

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