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Canadian Professionals Magazine

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Tarik Aziz

Tarik Aziz is truly nothing short of an inspiring success story. He was born in Lebanon in 1974, and his father passed away when Tarik was only 3 months old, leaving him to be raised by nine women in one household. In 1984, ten-year-old Tarik left the war-torn country with his family and relocated to Calgary, AB, Canada. Tarik’s family always displayed fearless leadership when it came to self-improvement. In doing so, Tarik became very self-motivated from a young age as he strived to create a fulfilling life for himself and his future family. Tarik has always had an entrepreneurial mindset which highlights how today he is the owner of multiple different companies, all of which he personally started from the ground up. Now married with two kids of his own, Tarik remains motivated to continue pushing boundaries and expanding into new work territory.


In 1998, at the age of 24, Tarik established his first business, Urban Image Fine Homes. He began by purchasing some land and building a home on it. He lived on the property for a while before selling it and repeating the process. The business took off from there, and he has been building homes ever since. 


Due to the nature of home building, Tarik noticed the demand for automation. As a result, he decided to put together a team for a new company called Progressive Home Automation. They specialize in lighting controls, security cameras, home and commercial automation.

In 2008, Tarik had a water damage in one of his units and realized restoration was a market that he could apply his current knowledge to. Ambitious to build forward, Tarik got certified with all his tickets to ensure his clients would receive the utmost professional and educated technicians in the industry during a time of need.


In 2009, Tarik started Nationwide Restorations and continued doing home construction at the same time. Nationwide Restoration services include fire, flood, and reconstruction as well as insurance work. Having experienced his own loss, Tarik’s expectations for professionalism, knowledge, cleanliness, and efficient work is always a priority for his clients. The team works in every province in Canada from east coast to west coast.


Tarik’s companies and reputation began to grow. Driven by success and growth, Tarik decided to pursued jobs on both small and large scale commercial construction. This is when he started a company called Alliance Commercial Construction. A recent project that Tarik’s company proudly took on was the Ramada Hotel in Regina, SK. It had a 6 floors of water damage and Alliance Commercial Construction did the abatement and reconstruction on it. They are also currently rebuilding a hockey arena.


As a new opportunity presented itself in 2017, Tarik decided to step out of his comfort zone of construction and venture off into the cannabis industry. Strategizing the demand of supply, Tarik invested his own personal money, yet again, into starting a business called Original Craft Growers. Original Craft Growers is a premier cannabis cultivator that is headquartered in Calgary, Alberta with an 80,000 sq. ft. facility based in Drinkwater, Saskatchewan, just outside of Regina. The company is looking to grow craft cannabis in a GMP approved facility.

2019 brought more opportunities to the surface in the cannabis industry. Tarik is now the founder and CEO of a luxury cannabis company called Original Goods Cannabis. Most recently, Original Goods Cannabis opened two newly built, luxury shops in Airdrie and downtown Calgary, AB. In addition to these locations, two more stores will be opening in Strathmore and Beacon Hill. Original Goods Cannabis plans to have four more locations within the next six months and will expand to fifteen locations by the end of 2021.

As owner and operator of these businesses, Tarik plays an active and important role in keeping each company running smoothly and moving forward. He takes great pride in the success of each and every venture he pursues and never neglects to give back to the community.

Tarik’s companies are known for donating generously to a number of local organizations including cancer drives, Habitat for Humanity, phantom football, and several others.

Tarik is a natural born entrepreneur who is always looking for a business opportunity to expand and grow his platform. 



Tarik Aziz

President and CEO

Nationwide Restorations

4051 11th Street SE

Calgary, Alberta T2G 3H1 Canada

websites:    ꟾ   ꟾ    ꟾ


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