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Taylor Briggs

Taylor Briggs knows how hard it can be for someone to buy their first home and it’s even harder to do so while making a smart financial decision regardless of credit, background, or income. He knows this because he, along with his team at Briggs Team Lending in Virginia, specialize in getting families into homes when other lenders have denied them.


Briggs Team Lending has helped thousands of clients through their combined years of experience, which not only earned them repeat and referral business, but also numerous accolades. “Our team has won every award possible for what we do within the companies we have been associated with,” Taylor says. But it’s not the awards or competition that drive Taylor, a former D1 athlete—it’s helping those in his community who have been told they’d never own a home.


After graduating with a BS in business psychology, Taylor attained his CDLP professional certification, making him one of only six loan officers in Virginia who specialize in divorce lending. There are currently over 9,000 loan officers in Virginia. Taylor started in the capital markets sector of the mortgage industry, ensuring that companies stayed profitable and that their loans were sellable. The experience taught him the ins and outs of the industry, how to secure the best deals, and maintain a competitive edge. Today, he helps lead Briggs Team Lending as senior loan officer with a strong focus on financial education and mortgage consultations for all of his clients.


Taylor and his team contribute more than 40 years of combined knowledge to the thriving company. With a large focus on the military and first-time homebuyer communities, Briggs Team Lending serves a wide array of clients from all economic backgrounds, ranging from lower incomes to those with a high-net-worth, handling loans ranging from $50,000 to millions of dollars. They offer a sophisticated yet functional process that provides clarity and peace of mind for their clients, an approach that led to Taylor closing nearly 100 deals in his first full year alone, something that is relatively unheard of in his industry. “We specialize in loans that other lending companies don’t—or won’t—and make home ownership attainable for people who were told it was not in reach,” he says. And to do so, Taylor employs out-of-the-box strategies based on his comprehensive understanding of lending guidelines, which has helped his clients and real estate agents close on homes they did not think they could.


While his proficiencies and experience are crucial components of ensuring client goals, it is Taylor’s empathy that drives him to deliver time and again. “I’ve been through the process myself and I know there’s nothing they teach you in school about making smart financial decisions. I take the time to educate each client with a consultation-style approach. I help people make the biggest decision they may ever make, and I treat the process with the respect it deserves,” he says.


Taylor Briggs

Senior Loan Officer — Briggs Team Lending

Website: www.briggsteamlending.com

LinkedIn: Taylor Briggs

Facebook: @Briggs Team Lending / Taylor Briggs

Instagram: @GBRIG005

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