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Taylor Gaines

After graduating from Texas A&M University-Corpus Christi, Taylor Gaines began working at his father’s accounting firm. As a 35-year accounting veteran, his father taught him how to handle a variety of taxes and practices. As a passionate outdoorsman, Taylor tried his hand at being a professional fishing guide four years after working at the firm. After a year in Rockport, Texas, he was blown back to San Antonio—literally—when Hurricane Harvey struck. It turned out that this seeming setback was a golden opportunity. In 2018, an opening for an accounting position within Patel Gaines, PLLC, a Texas commercial real estate law firm founded by Grant M. Gaines and Rahul B. Patel in 2013, became available. It ended up being a perfect match that quickly solidified his role in the firm’s future by being named CFO in early 2019. “I’m in a position now that I never imagined, and being with this team, the sky’s the limit,” Taylor says. 


Patel Gaines is a law firm covering a variety of legal areas, including property tax litigation, commercial real estate, and corporate and business law. Based in San Antonio, Patel Gaines has a total of three offices including offices in Dallas-Fort Worth and Houston. Since Taylor joined the team, the law firm has shown an increase in gross revenue by more than 12% year over year. In the past two years, Taylor has expanded his expertise into several different ventures, including opening Fundamental Sports Management (FSM), a global basketball agency with NBA and overseas clients. Taylor is in charge of building out their revenue streams, running cost-benefit and ROI analyses for future prospects, creating budgets and forecasts, and handles all financials and tax preparation. Taylor has helped grow the agency from zero to nine clients in three short years. Taylor is also involved in launching a series of F45 Training gyms, a global franchise gym based in Australia, across the San Antonio area. Currently, there are three gym locations with plans for eight more across the city and state. Taylor overseas the construction from start to finish for each location ensuring they are built within budget. He also oversees location approvals for operation and provides operational budgets and forecasts with the goal of minimizing costs and providing growth models to assist in overall operations as each new studio opens.


Taylor’s multifaceted role might be a challenge for some, but he credits his attention to detail, ability to adapt, work ethic, and ability to look at things from multiple perspectives to help him manage all the moving parts. He’s also always sure to consider the impact decisions have on employees. “One of the things my dad taught me years ago was that you’re only as good as your employees, so I work closely with my team on all levels so that we’re all aligned for success.”


Taylor Gaines

CFO — Patel Gaines, PLLC

Website: www.patelgaines.com

LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/taylor-gaines-483460186/

Instagram: @T_Gaines88

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