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Taylor Krystkowiak

Taylor Krystkowiak brings over a decade of thought leadership to the asset management industry, where he has held client-facing roles in research and investment analysis across both boutique and Fortune 500 firms. In his current role as investment strategist at Themes ETFs, Taylor leads the creation and presentation of macroeconomic and market research with an emphasis on the powerful potential of thematic investing.


Taylor has kept a watchful eye on the most significant trends influencing asset allocations and portfolio positioning: “The current macroeconomic and market environment poses a unique challenge to investors. Higher interest rates have reintroduced gravity into the investment equation as central banks tighten monetary policy in order to combat inflation. As valuations come back down to earth and the cost of capital weighs on company earnings, the investment landscape is changing significantly.”


Undaunted, Taylor finds personal and professional inspiration within the writings of Roman emperor and stoic philosopher Marcus Aurelius, whose words have carried him through many challenges in his career: “Aurelius pens a powerful maxim within his Meditations that there is no outlook nor obstacle too great to overcome. With every obstacle, there is opportunity. What stands in the way becomes the way.  It’s incredible. Whether applied to personal introspection or investing, the sentiment is as inspiring as it is impactful.”


Despite originating in antiquity, the sentiment has not only stood the test of time, but remains especially relevant to modern investors in Taylor’s view: “In investing, there always remains room for optimism if you are an opportunist. The key is finding a way to own that opportunity.” This is what inspired Taylor to join Themes ETFs: “Major themes like artificial intelligence are revolutionizing the economy and fueling the future. We have made it our mission at Themes ETFs to provide all investors with effective and efficient exposure to these thematic opportunities via the seamless simplicity of single tickers offered at competitive costs.”


For Taylor, the investment industry scratches the itch of his insatiable intellectual curiosity: “Markets are the quintessential unsolvable equation; there are millions of variables and the only constant is change.”  Taylor’s fascination with the subject propelled him to study both economics and finance at Harvard University, where he earned his undergraduate degree with highest honors and admission to the Phi Beta Honor Society; he is slated to obtain his master’s degree in finance from Harvard later this academic year.

Taylor Krystkowiak

Vice President, Investment Strategist, Themes ETFs



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