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Team Pegg appears in the Top 100

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George Pegg

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Stephani Pegg


George and Stephani Pegg


Team Pegg at Princeton Mortgage

Blaine, MN



Team Pegg

With over 20 years of combined experience in mortgage processing, underwriting, operations, and origination, George and Stephani Pegg bring expert analysis, a sense of humor, and creative solutions to every unique mortgage scenario. Along with a BA in business management and leadership, Stephani possesses extensive knowledge of both mortgage lending operations and guidelines—having held a variety of leadership roles such as VP of credit at Princeton Mortgage and loan origination solutions manager at Summit Mortgage. George holds an MBA in leadership and organization strategy and brings perfect balance to the partnership as a mortgage loan originator with an entrepreneurial background. In June 2020, the two joined forces and founded Team Pegg at Princeton Mortgage, a mortgage lender headquartered in Ewing, New Jersey—on a mission to disrupt the mortgage industry by offering a higher level of service. As they assist home buyers and sellers with everything mortgage related—refinancing, home purchases, and general mortgage questions—they make the experience an enjoyable one. Backed by a lender that consistently outperforms the competition in customer satisfaction and interest rates, Team Pegg has already grown to become the international lender for the region.


Stephani and George believe that the loan process does not have to be scary, intimidating, or overly complex, and with this in mind, they provide their clients extensive knowledge of every loan scenario. Stephani brings her wealth of experience with a variety of client circumstances to help home buyers obtain the loan they need, which is particularly beneficial to those who are self-employed. “If a buyer is having difficulty getting a loan approved, we will find a way to make it happen. Since I use my underwriting expertise with a sales focus, I tend to look at loans differently than either a salesperson or an underwriter, which has made me capable of finding ways to make both loans and relationships between sales and underwriting work,” Stephani says.


As they help their home buyers and sellers achieve their goals, they are equally committed to helping realtors succeed. Instead of following the traditional practice of realtors sending loan officers business with no reciprocity, the duo is forging a new path with them in mind. “We are building a system that helps bring business to our realtor partners by connecting them with customers who will likely bring them more referral business. Helping our partners grow their businesses helps us to grow ours,” George explains.


The symbiotic power of Stephani and George has propelled Team Pegg into the hearts and minds of home buyers and sellers and real estate professionals alike.” As the firm continues to grow, they each focus on specific areas to provide the best service possible. Stephani utilizes her expertise to help members of Team Pegg excel at originating and structuring loans as well as to improve operations at Princeton Mortgage. Concurrently, George focuses on the business and marketing side of Team Pegg, with a focus on growth through creating new markets, recruiting additional branches and loan officers nationwide, and working with those recruits to build their businesses and become more successful. He’s implemented user-friendly websites, engages in sophisticated online marketing activities and has developed digital tools that make Team Pegg more efficient in its own originating activities as well as those of the branches and loan officers it manages. “We just love planning and building in an industry that is typically dry and boring because it gives us the opportunity to find creative ways to do it better,” George says.

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