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Teresa Friesen

Teresa Friesen has been a champion for elevating women’s voices for over a decade. In support of this quest, she co-founded SheMate in 2021. Headquartered in Nebraska, SheMate is a virtual platform that connects women in sports with the young people who look up to them. With hundreds of subscribers—including high school girls, parents, coaches and school administrators—the company is increasing visibility and representation of women in athletics. “Status quo right now is about 95% of sports media coverage goes to males, which is a missed opportunity,” she explains. “We’re making a change in that space.” SheMate helps female college athletes meaningfully monetize their skills and experience while providing young people with customized, empowering content and parents and coaches with strategies for better athletic development—all from women who know the collegiate athletics realm best. Given the enormous response, it would seem SheMate is the change that female athletes have been waiting for. Over 1,400 have already applied and 200 are currently working with SheMate.

Prior to starting SheMate, Teresa was a social worker and most recently a college professor. As someone who’s dedicated her career to helping others, her goal is to increase access to wellness through tech. SheMate was developed in pursuit of this mission. “We’re focused on increasing on-screen, positive female representation and creating safe and empowering experiences in young peoples’ digital world,” she states. “We are a community where women thrive.”

Teresa holds a BSW from Creighton University and an A.M. from University of Chicago.

Teresa Friesen

Founder & CEO — SheMate

Website: https://www.shemate.club

LinkedIn:  https://www.linkedin.com/in/friesenteresa/

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/shemate.club/