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Theresa Szeto

As a wealth coach with Canada-based Axiom-FrontLine Financial Services and Combined Insurance, Theresa is responsible for leading, training, and coaching a team of sales agents. With 19 years as a financial services professional, she attributes her success to one simple goal—to always help others to achieve their own success.

Theresa joined Combined Insurance in 2017 as an insurance sales agent. An industry leader in the living benefit space, the company has specialized in accident and sickness plans for nearly a century. After representing the company in that position for a mere six months, she was promoted to sales leader, taking on the role of a coach and trainer responsible for producing exceptional insurance sales agents—while remaining, still, the running top sales leader across Canada. A natural mentor, she thrives on helping others succeed and derives personal satisfaction in their accomplishments. “Having the opportunity to teach, train and coach insurance sales professional on building ‘value’ has proven to be the most rewarding aspect of my business,” she shares.

Within the coaching and training space, Theresa focuses on people and companies. She goes deep into the person’s mindset and often engages in one-on-one forums, where she can see the potential of each individual. “I believe the sales training that companies offer may often not go deep enough, so I go deeper than other people,” Theresa explains. “Having been in sales and finance for nearly two decades, I can appreciate and understand the different roles of each individual and the obstacles that may be inhibiting their success. This insight helps me work with them to identify their untapped potential and reach higher levels in their professional and personal lives.”

Theresa began her career in the financial services industry as a mortgage broker in 2000. During her 12-year career as a mortgage professional, she expanded into the insurance industry in 2004 to offer this extra service to her existing clients, and founded FrontLine Mortgage Solutions Inc. in 2007, to help personally usher clients through the mortgage process. With a commitment to help them achieve their dreams of homeownership, Theresa’s natural tendency to teach and champion others benefitted both her staffs and her clients.

Her growing passion for finance and for lifting others up to reach their highest potential drove her to launch Axiom-FrontLine Financial Services in 2009 to focus on coaching and training financial professionals. She brought this unique combination of experience and knowledge in finance, mortgages, insurance, and training and coaching to serve Combined Insurance eight years later. “I get excited and honored to be at service to my clients,” she states. “The more companies and individuals I help to achieve higher levels of success, the greater the personal reward I derive from it.”



Theresa Szeto

Wealth Coach — Axiom-FrontLine Financial Services Inc.  

6060 Silver Drive, 3rd Floor

Burnaby, Canada V5H0H5


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