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Theron Morrison

As founding attorney for Morrison Law Group and one of the top five attorneys in Utah, Theron Morrison leads the state’s largest bankruptcy and consumer protection law firm with the belief that everyone deserves a fresh start. He is passionate about helping to improve the lives of families experiencing financial difficulties, and he has spent his entire career committed to doing so. With a reputation as the most trusted bankruptcy firm in Utah, the practice has served more than 20,000 families, with a focus on the unique situation of each of them. “I started the practice with the client in mind. So many attorneys are arrogant and think people should do what they say when they say to do it, but my focus is on the client and their experience. Each one is unique, and with bankruptcy, it is very important for people to understand, so I explain to them everything, all the details,” he shares.

Long before Theron passed the bar, long before his firm was voted Bankruptcy Firm of the Year, he had experienced the stress of financial hardship and bankruptcy as a 10-year-old child, when his parents divorced and his father fell on hard times. His father was a realtor and owned rental homes, which provided income for the family. When his parents divorced, Theron’s father couldn’t support two families with one income, and he was forced to file for bankruptcy. “My dad was at the mercy of bankruptcy, and this is something that I stress to my clients, that I know it is about mercy and starting over to put the pieces back together. I understand their feelings.”

Theron knew the day he graduated law school that he wanted to have his own practice. In 2004—on the day he was sworn into the bar—he opened Morrison Law Group, bringing with him valuable insight and knowledge gained while clerking for the largest bankruptcy firm in Oregon to help other families who are enduring the same plight that his family had. Ironically, while in school, Theron worked in collections. He didn’t like the way people were treated by collection agencies, and it was this experience that would inform a unique service that his firm offers—debt defense. “I know how people were treated, so I do debt defense and help clients with collection agencies because it is kind of my penance.”

While most bankruptcy firms provide only assistance with Chapter 7 or 13 filings, Theron and his team provide assistance with not only bankruptcy options, but also debt defense, consumer protection, and resolving credit reporting errors after bankruptcy. They help correct inaccurate credit reports to restore their credit status, and even sue creditors and credit bureaus, if need be—at no cost to the client.

Theron holds a law degree from Willamette University College of Law and a bachelor’s degree in criminal justice and criminology from Metropolitan State University of Denver. He has also served as the Weaver County Bar Association president. In addition, he served as president of the National Consumer Bankruptcy Council, an affiliation of some of the nation’s largest bankruptcy firms.


Theron Morrison

Founding Attorney — Morrison Law Group



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