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Dr. Thomas Michael Barnard

As owner of Focused Investing, a coaching, training, and consulting firm for businesses and investors, Dr. Thomas “Mike” Barnard is the embodiment of high standards, determination and optimism. His motto reflects perseverance: “Where there is no struggle, there is no effort and therefore, no progress!” He says, “I am efficient with my time and energy to ensure that I am always accomplishing tasks and improving myself. My heroes are people like Bruce Lee, Muhammad Ali, Warren Buffett, Sam Walton, Henry Ford, etc. These people are all known for one thing and they rose to the top of their fields through continual improvement, persistence, dedication, and 100% belief in themselves.”

“I invest my time and money back into myself, my education, my skills and abilities, my thought process, etc. I only watch TV just before bed, every minute counts and I want every single one to be productive.” Yet, there are always projects being put on the backburner. He says. “If you are not failing at anything, you are not attempting to do enough, and you are not forcing yourself to grow. Too many of us are told not to take risks, not to follow our dreams. I want to be the person that pushes those around me to be better and I want those around me to push me to be better. My clients are people who refuse to settle for being average, they are hard workers, dedicated to constant improvement.”

Dr. Barnard launched Focused Investing in 2018, backed by a cache of degrees and certifications in finance and investment analysis, discipline built from his military experience, and knowledge gained from careers as a professor and a financial advisor. His degrees are all focused in finance and he holds several alternative investment certifications as well. While he wields valuable experience in auditing, accounting, cost control, project management, and several other fields, his passion lies in understanding business value through fundamental and technical analysis. As a former proprietary trader with his own funds, he has learned to outperform the market by significant margins without taking excessive risks. Now he’s a successful business owner who uses his skills for the betterment of others.

Indeed, Dr. Barnard boasts a litany of academic and professional designations; however, the reason behind his founding Focused Investing was a simple, human one: “I like to build relationships and help people, and I enjoy financial market research and building valuation models,” he shares. “I am a thinker, always breaking down complicated concepts into simplified steps or phases to see how it all works together.”

“Most entrepreneurs use intuition in many cases, and they know how to run their business, but they often do not know how to improve the value of their business over time. They do not track several return metrics and perform analysis. For example, determining ROA, comparing it to a peer group and industry average, and uncovering strategic advantages that drive it. They often do not know how to choose projects or investments based on net present value formulas. This means they may make a suboptimal decision and even large corporations are guilty of this. They do not find ways to position their company as an industry leader or achieve industry leading numbers. This is just a portion of what I do for my clients.”

Dr. Barnard is not a financial adviser and does not sell financial products or make recommendations on investments, instead he offers financial consulting and coaching in the form of research and education around how to invest in specific businesses. He teaches value investing methodologies to keep money safe while growing it aggressively. His main goal though, is to increase his clients’ financial skills and confidence. Understanding finance spills over into all areas of life such as interpreting contracts, understanding business models, and avoiding scams.

Dr. Barnard specializes in identifying very small companies that have proven earnings and cash flows in growing markets, valuing them intrinsically, and providing a report to his clients. His focus is always on reducing risk when investing, but also finding the best returns available for that risk.

The key is not to avoid failure but to limit losses in case of failure, learn lessons from the failures, and adapt to make failure a less common occurrence. He is also the published author of, Focused Investing, available from Amazon.


Dr. Thomas M Barnard

Owner — Focused Investing


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