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Thomas Tersigni

It isn’t every individual who can start with an idea, plan the idea, and then execute on such high levels to see those ideas become successful business models. To turn around an underperforming business unit, or to lead a cross- disciplinary strategic initiatives team. However, this has been the professional career of Thomas Tersigni. He is differentiated by an uncommon compliment of direct to consumer mortgage leadership and development, expertise in national real estate relationship management, and a strong understanding in how to develop technology platforms to create a more seamless interaction between each party that may using a specific product.

Most recently, Thomas has joined the membership team with Savvy. Savvy has been in existence since 2014 and began perfecting the technology right away. However, even though they had an amazing product, the founders were given a lot of bad advice, a couple of let downs from large institutions claiming to want an integration, and a sales team that didn’t have what is crucial to permeate the tightly-knitted, C-level mortgage guys relationships.


Thomas came in, and with his more than fifteen years of experience in the mortgage and real estate industries had the relationships Savvy wanted and needed. Thomas has already began executing integrations with several large mortgage Point of Sale platforms that will immediately increase revenue.

Previous to Savvy, Thomas founded, funded, and eventually sold Homebird. Homebird was founded in March of 2013 and filled a major void that was needed in the online consumer direct mortgage lending space. The technology to refer, and a real estate network to help them fund more of the clients they had pre-approved for a home loan. While building a direct to consumer purchase platform with several other leaders at Quicken Loans from 2009 to 2013, Thomas understood that, unfortunately, local real estate agents are their worst nightmare.


Thomas, and the leadership team at Quicken built a 500-banker team closing a billion dollars in purchase loans. Therefore, while creating Homebird, he knew he had a product that mortgage lenders wanted- A group of “friendly” agents that wouldn’t steer their client to a local lender. Even more importantly, an easy way “technology” to facilitate that. Homebird was a household name amongst all the large online mortgage brands such as NewDayUSA, BBMC Mortgage, Loan Depot, JG Wentworth, Axios Bank, Wyndham Capital, BNC National Bank, and NLC Loans to name a few.


Thomas and his team created a web-based, multi-tiered, multi-tenant, SAS based platform/APP, which was integrated into all of the CRMs used by lenders. This platform created a conduit in which a lender could click a button and that would trigger a created referral to one of Homebird’s in-network real estate agent partners. One a referral connection was made, MLOs and agents were able to message each other back and forth, thus keeping everyone on the same page. Thomas sold his company to a larger investment group in April of 2018.

Thomas lives in Grand Rapids, Michigan where his wife of 10 years raises their two sons and a daughter. He is active in his community, church, and little league coaching. In his personal time, he enjoys hiking, fishing, camping, and a lot of golf.

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