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Thompson Bourque


Thompson Bourque has worked in the accounting and tax industry for 10 years, beginning as an intern while in college. After graduating, she combined higher-level training programs with real-world client experience and honed her expertise over an eight-year career in corporate accounting. Finally, in May 2019, she took the leap into entrepreneurship and started her own business, Crucial Business Solutions, which has already seen dramatic growth in just its first year in operation. Based in Charlotte, North Carolina, she serves clients across the country, from established investors to those just breaking into the field. Today, Thompson focuses primarily on tax planning and prep for real estate professionals, offering proactive accounting methods, legal entity optimization, tax deductions and credits, and real estate-specific tax strategies. She has designed a proven method to calculate estimated savings using specific tax laws. Her personalized tax plan is an online interactive training that walks clients through these complex strategies, provides steps for implementation and the direct impact on their finances. Client savings vary, but our goal of working together is to save a minimum of $20K the first year. Clients see accumulated saving of over $100K in the first 3 years. The minimum ROI is 169%, which is 3 times your money back the first year. ROI increases each year as savings accumulate from implementing proactive tax strategies.


Thompson considers making these kinds of financial impacts on her clients’ lives to be one of her greatest accomplishments. She’s able to do this by getting to know her diverse clients on an individual level, assessing their needs and obstacles to help them achieve their goals. “Everyone has a different situation, business and personal. This business requires you to really dive into people’s lives, and it requires the ability to calculate and weigh out which options would benefit them most,” she says.


She does exactly this, with strategies tailored depending on where people are in their real estate journey. For new real estate agents who are looking to grow over the next few years, Thompson designs a plan to help them reduce their tax liability, which creates more working capital for growth. For more seasoned, full-time investors, she offers more strategic methods to reduce their taxes. Thompson’s expertise has allowed clients to see results in rapid time. One client was able to improve their finances so much that they ended up building three investment properties from the ground up in the first year working together. These proven tax strategies save clients hundreds of hours each year and reduce tax liability which increases cash in the bank. Our clients have more time and money to focus on what matters to them most.


While dedicated to providing customized and knowledgeable service to her clients, Thompson has also recently written an e-book, The 8 Most Costly Tax-Planning Mistakes Real Estate Entrepreneurs Make. The book covers the importance of tax planning, asset protection, and insurance, and how being abreast of these topics especially benefits those in real estate. In addition, she’s also been interviewed on multiple real estate podcasts. Thompson, herself, is a real estate investor, which makes her all the more passionate about helping clients achieve their investment goals, as well as helping them use their time and finances efficiently. “The passion behind it comes from regaining our time and being able to spend our time on things we enjoy doing.”



Thompson Bourque

Founder & Owner — Crucial Business Solutions



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