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Tia Danair Moore

When it comes to personal finance, Tia Danair Moore “gets it.”  She understands that access to information can be the defining factor in a person’s ability to overcome financial obstacles. And it is this conviction that drives her to reach out and teach everything she can about financial literacy to anyone who wants to learn. 

By day, Tia is a fiduciary who provides wealth management and financial planning support. She assists in the administration of personal trust funds. She makes it very clear, however, that she works primarily with individuals at this time. 

By night, Tia has made it her personal mission to educate as many people as possible. She is a champion for, and mentor to, young people, helping them learn how to start well in their personal finance journey. This passion is what led her to create a blog and share her expertise with others by “bringing it to Main Street,” as she calls it.  And, though she has worked in the financial industry since 2019, she shares, “I wasn’t born into this. I have lived on both sides, which is why I am so passionate about teaching financial literacy.”

Her goal is to impact others in her field, especially the younger generation. Today, she operates a full website, with resources and information on a variety of personal finance topics and plans to expand even further in the coming months.

Tia holds both a BA and an MBA in trust and wealth management from Campbell University. She has earned the Trust Financial Advisor Foundational Certificate from the American Bankers Association and the Investment Foundations Certificate through the CFA Institute.


Tia Danair Moore

Founder—Tia Danair, LLC

Website: www.tiadanair.com

LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/moore-tia-d/

Facebook: IAmDanair

Instagram: IAmDanair