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Tiffany B. Contic

Tiffany B. Contic was enjoying her seventh year as a successful interior designer when, like millions of others during the pandemic, she found herself laid off in October 2020. What some might see as misfortunate, Tiffany saw as an opportunity to follow her passion as an entrepreneur, leader, and designer. She took all the experience she’d gained working with small design-oriented companies and started 7Tier Design Studio, her own interior design firm. And while 7Tier Design Studio might be a relatively new company, Tiffany hit the ground running with a growing number of projects in her Pittsburgh locale and remotely for clients across the U.S. From programming to design documentation, 7Tier specializes in hospitality, multi-family, corporate, and residential design. Tiffany’s considerable background in design and architecture has earned significant recognition, including honorable mentions from the American Institute of Architects (AIA) and the International Interior Design Association (IIDA), which also allows for her to work with clients farther afield.


Tiffany’s background is steeped in the arts, as well as in marketing, making her truly cut out for heading a design firm. While receiving her B.A. in interior design at Kent State University, she studied abroad in Florence, Italy, which impacted her cultural and architectural senses and carries through to her projects today. After interning with an architectural firm, she later branched into the residential sector and the hospitality industry, designing for hotels all over the country and completing more than 20 projects in her career.


For Tiffany, simply creating and completing designs is not enough. She wants to create spaces that inspire her clients, peers, and other professionals in the industry. “Every project and client are different, so the process varies,” she says. With deep value placed on the design process, she ensures that each project has the structure and organization to keep moving along. “I put most of my effort into concept design. This is what sets my designs apart,” she says. “Every design should have a story to tell and embody a deeper meaning. I want my clients to be happy above all else.” This attention to detail, function, and a deeper connection between design and client is captured in 7Tier’s motto: “Igniting inspiration one tier at a time.”




Tiffany B. Contic

Owner & Principal — 7Tier Design Studio




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