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Tiffany Ferguson

Tiffany Ferguson never thought she would find herself in the health care field, but during her first year of graduate school, she was placed into pediatric nephrology and immediately fell in love with the dynamic. “It’s fast-paced, and there’s a wide array of patient population, because everyone needs health care in some way, so I fell in love with being able to use my kind of superpower—which is listening and helping—in this type of environment.”


Today, Tiffany is continuing to use her superpower as director and CEO of Phoenix Medical Management, working remotely with other Arizona employees as well as with those in the company’s headquarters in Pompano Beach, Florida. She joined the company in July 2020, and just six months later took the helm as CEO, a role she relishes with its unique opportunity to expand her focus to multiple hospitals and healthcare systems, which allows her to help an even larger number of people. As she drives the direction and content for her advisory firm, she provides expert knowledge and advice for hospital case management, helping healthcare systems improve their programs and their performance within a value-based healthcare framework.


Phoenix Medical Management serves hospitals across the country and has been for some 25 years. Most people in the company, including founders Stefani Daniels and Marianne Ramey, come from a health care background, such as social work or nursing, and are certified in their fields, so they can relate to those working on the front lines with patients, as well as having the experience of C-level business managers. With this unique dual perspective, they can provide top-tier education, advocacy, and program evaluation within the medical field. “Ours is really a boutique firm that is very specific to our audience. Our focus is about understanding all the details of the work from individuals that have actual experience doing the job rather than general consulting firms,” Tiffany explains. “We’re kind of inner-circle, so we really get what’s going on in the industry, and we have a plethora of clients across the U.S. that we’ve worked with for decades.”


Tiffany is passionate about helping the health care system because she knows that the more smoothly a health care system works, the better care and attention patients will get. “I’m all about advocacy for quality and safe patient care,” she says. “We all come from the front lines and as leaders in the C-suite now really see this as an opportunity to ensure advocacy.” Care management is not always easy and often involves intimate and difficult conversations with care providers and families. To that end, Tiffany and her team offer a lot of free general education and advice, as well as provide assessments to ensure that staff and management are working in harmony, no one is feeling overwhelmed, and that patients are getting the care and attention they deserve through optimizing the existing systems.


“When someone goes to the hospital, it’s a whirlwind of events, and it’s all sudden. Someone helps them through the process to get them returned to their daily lives, but who helps that social worker or nurse manage the stress and emotional impact of that time and again? So, we provide a lot of support so that those people can keep doing what they’re doing.” Providing that support for caregivers is what gives Tiffany the greatest joy in her work because her impact echoes far beyond the clients and into the general public. “It’s a little different, my passion. It’s a feeling of knowing that others are feeling better about their own situation of getting up every day and making a difference, and me being a part of that picture.”



Tiffany Ferguson

Director & CEO — Phoenix Medical Management


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