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Tiffany Grandchamp

Tiffany Grandchamp has dedicated her life to helping and empowering others and has loved every moment of it. With 20 years of experience in health and human services, Tiffany founded Women Lifting Women in 2020 in St. Paul, Minnesota, as a consulting firm focused on services to support female leaders, both established and emerging. Launched in November 2020, Women Lifting Women offers services to anyone identifying as a woman and aims to remove barriers for women entering and excelling in the workforce. The organization focuses on collaboration and partnership between women and women-owned businesses, as well as developing skill sets, work plans, and behavioral and technical skills. “I use all the experiences I’ve had as a leader and my understanding of the challenges that women face, to help them reach their greatest potential,” Tiffany says. “We are the go-to resource for women leaders, forming lasting relationships and supporting women for the long haul.”


Focused on lifting women in the workplace through training, leadership support, and targeted consultancy, Women Lifting Women offers seminars, workshops, leadership development training, customized consulting, and much more, including dreams of a new community engagement initiative. “Women are doers,” Tiffany says, “but we still cling to this identity that we have to do everything, instead of focusing on leading. Being humble is great, but women need to take credit for what they do and have the confidence to sell themselves. We’re helping to shift that mindset, break those molds.”


Tiffany’s commitment to lifting others has been at the center of her entire career. Not only is she the chief operating officer for a nonprofit mental health agency in the Twin Cities and the founder and CEO of Women Lifting Women, but her implementation design work won the 2017 Colleen J Goode Research into Practice Award at the National Evidence Based Practice Conference. “Through my organization, I get to spend time living out a dream that I have been envisioning for almost a decade, and I get to work with incredibly talented women. Every day of my life is spent serving others and trying to make the world a better place. I love it!”


In addition to both a bachelor’s and master’s in organizational and strategic leadership with a focus on global studies and crisis management, Tiffany is a certified non-profit accounting professional, and is certified in LEAN and project management.


Tiffany Grandchamp

Founder & CEO — Women Lifting Women




Twitter: WLW_liftwomen

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