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Tim Clattenburg

Tim Clattenburg, the owner and president of East Coast Panelized Wall Systems, has established himself as a prominent figure in the construction industry over his 30+ year career. Hailing from the picturesque South Shore of Nova Scotia, Canada, Tim's dedication to excellence and innovation has garnered him widespread recognition.

In 2011, Tim embarked on a groundbreaking venture by founding East Coast Panelized Wall Systems. Headquartered in Liverpool, Nova Scotia, his company specializes in manufacturing prefabricated wood wall panels for the residential and light commercial industry. By offering an environmentally friendly approach to construction, Tim's company revolutionizes traditional building methods, making them faster, more efficient, and cost-effective.

East Coast Panelized Wall Systems provides a comprehensive solution, from prefabricated walls to floor panels, up to trusses, streamlining the construction process. Their products, including wall panels for interior and exterior walls, are custom-built to meet the unique design specifications of each project. By combining time-tested building methods with modern technology, East Coast Panelized Wall Systems delivers customizable, energy-efficient structures built in a quality-controlled environment.

We spoke with Tim to learn more about his inspiration, his unique method, and his vision for the future of construction.

Tim, what inspired you to start East Coast Panelized Wall Systems?

Over my 30+ years as a builder and developer, I have experienced firsthand the challenges that can plague the field construction, especially in regions prone to harsh weather conditions like snow, ice, high winds and rain - working outdoors year-round isn't always feasible. I envisioned a faster and more efficient way to frame buildings, so I began researching different methods and invested in establishing a prefabricated wall panel facility catering to both commercial and residential wood-frame projects. The idea was simple yet transformative: embracing panelized walls would mean we could significantly reduce construction time and costs. I realized that instead of enduring weeks of challenging weather conditions, all that was needed were two or three fine days to get the hoists up and start building. After all, nobody wants to be stuck outside with frozen eyelids—it's all about finding a better, smarter way to build. This streamlined approach not only saved time but also allowed us to work more efficiently and effectively.

What sets your company apart from others in the industry?

A life-long career in custom home building provided me with the insight to approach every project from a builder's perspective. At East Coast Panelized Walls, we prioritize practicality and efficiency by meticulously organizing our panel bundles for on-site convenience, ensuring that when they arrive, there's minimal sorting required. This means less time spent deciphering bundles and more time dedicated to actual construction, allowing our homes to be erected at a staggering rate of 40% faster than traditional site-built ones. Unlike many other companies who prioritize their own shipping convenience, we take great pride in focusing on making the builder's job easier. Our bundles are designed for seamless installation, builders can start from the top and work their way around the building without the hassle of rearranging panels.

Additionally, our hands-on experience building structures on-site provides us with a unique understanding of the potential challenges that can arise during construction and distinguishes East Coast Panelized Walls from our competitors. Rather than relying solely on theoretical models, we lay out panels and create straightforward shop drawings to ensure that our solutions are practical and easy to implement. We also offer extensive customization options, including conventional framing, engineering, and specialized requests like tall walls, which showcases our commitment to meeting the diverse needs of our local community and beyond.

Two of the biggest benefits of your panelized wall system are saving homeowners and business owners significant time and money. Can you share some details?

Reducing framing time is essential for saving both time and money in construction projects. Prefabricated walls can cut down framing time by more than half, resulting in a 20% cost reduction - it can also save up to two months on the project timeline. For example, with an 1,800 - 2,000 square-foot house, the structure can be erected to be roof tight in just one working day, compared to the typical 4+ weeks required when using on-site framing. Prefabricated wall panels also reduce the need for large equipment like zoom booms and minimizes overall labor hours, which in turn can save thousands of dollars each month. When you factor in the savings on required items such as insurance, temporary fencing, power costs, and more, the benefits are undeniable. The potential savings are substantial and invaluable for both homeowners and business owners who have invested significant sums of money into these projects. Our process at East Coast Panelized Walls offers efficiency, cost savings, and convenience across the board.

Can you give us a brief rundown of the Panels Plus process?

Our assembly process is straightforward: we lay down plates and studs, add plywood, and then stand up each section of the wall. Using a comprehensive approach to exterior wall panels, East Coast Panelized walls ensures that the panels are nearly complete upon installation with exterior rigid insulation, strapping, and rain screen systems. This means that when you stand the wall up, it's practically finished, with only minor tie-ins remaining and they're fully prepared for siding and window installation. In contrast, traditional on-site builds require multiple rounds of labor and equipment to complete these tasks. As part of our desire to meet the diverse needs of our clients, we offer additional options for exterior sheathing, such as insulating sheathing to further enhance energy efficiency and structural integrity.

Lastly, Tim, do you see prefab panels as the standard method of construction in the future?

Absolutely. Just like you wouldn't build a car in a parking lot, the same concept applies to construction. As technology evolves and the workforce shifts, there's a growing emphasis on working smarter, not harder. It's an exciting pivot point in the industry, with more people embracing innovative approaches. This trend is gaining momentum, signaling a promising future for construction.


Tim Clattenburg

Owner and President

East Coast Panelized Wall Systems



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