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TJ Cornwall


With a record of successful startups and a growing real estate firm, TJ Cornwall is a dream maker of sorts. As director of sales and business development for The Realm Agency, he attributes the firm’s success to his team of like-minded dreamers and the relationships they’ve built with their clients.


Founded in 2018 in Dallas, Texas, The Realm Agency focuses primarily on apartment leasing in the Dallas-Fort Worth area, and has just opened a residential division to serve home buyers and sellers. Its leasing services are free for its clients, and the process is personalized from beginning to end. “Our main goal is to help our clients find something they’re going to love. We make sure everyone is always happy and satisfied.”


In his role, TJ is responsible for finding agents, hiring them, and growing the business; however, he also feels it’s his duty to nurture the dreams of his agents. “My team is amazing,” he explains. “I look at them, and they all have big dreams and dedication. I had people in my corner when I started, so I want to be that for them. The growth of the business is largely due to the team.” Since its launch, the company has grown from three to 10 agents, and forecasts to more than double that in the next year.


Prior to starting at the firm, TJ’s short but wild career path took him from touring musician, “grinding away to make a dream come true,” to a corporate role in Baltimore, followed by a stint in Australia where he met one of his first mentors, Justin Viles. “He was one of the first employees at Google Australia,” TJ shares. “He shaped my entire business career teaching me that there is no dream too big if you possess the grit to bring it to life.”


Armed with a decade of experience and a degree in economics from Penn State, TJ helped launch The Realm Agency with the goal to become a household name. "Our immediate focus is to continue to develop talent and connect on a deeper level with the various communities in and around Dallas-Fort Worth to further expand our footprint," he explains. "Our long-term vision includes expanding into additional cities across the country and developing technology solutions to streamline the process for renters, buyers, and sellers."


TJ points to the firm’s core philosophy as its driving force, and one he instills in his agents:

“Provide the most elite customer service you could possibly provide to clients. Everything else is just noise. Treat your client like you would treat your best friend, and if you do everything you can, it usually ends in happiness.”


TJ Cornwall

Director of Sales and Business Development — The Realm Agency

P.O. Box 25061

Dallas, TX 75225



Facebook: @therealmagency

Instagram: @TJCornwall; @therealmagency

Twitter: @TJCornwall

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