Toby appears in the Top 100 People in Real Estate Magazine

Helping This Generation Create Wealth Through Rental Property Investments

By Toby Brown


As the founder and CEO of The Brown Group, Oklahoma City’s leading real estate and property management firm, I have spent 16 years in nearly every facet of the industry as a managing broker, realtor, developer, investor, and entrepreneur. My investments have totaled over $50 million dollars, but my true legacy has been transforming communities. I’ve seen firsthand how my real estate investments have revitalized neighborhoods, empowered communities, and given people a place to call home.


My success comes hard-earned. Growing up, I lived in a fractured community, where I saw few options for and examples of success. I started going down a bad path and when I hit rock bottom, I realized it was time I got serious about planning my future and seizing every opportunity that came my way. I put myself through school, ultimately earning an MBA. I went to work in corporate America, but realized I wanted more than just a desk job. Real Estate caught my eye, so I started on the traditional path by getting my Real Estate License and started selling homes. I knew instantly to reach my childhood dreams of success it wasn’t going to be through selling homes--I had to get on the investment side of the business. I could see that was where there was real cash flow. When I moved from selling to investing, I gained what I was truly searching for--control of my time. I bought my first investment home that turned into five, then 10, then 30. My business was up and running. I found my passion in the real estate industry. I knew I could make a difference in the same kinds of communities I grew up in while building a successful business.


Now, I’m focused on paying it forward as a real estate mentor and coach. I give newcomers in the industry the knowledge and opportunities that I never had to help them build their own success, brick by brick. From investing in your first rental property to tenant management to negotiating deals and setting up cash flowing assets, I want to teach this generation about investing in rental properties to help them build wealth and support their families for generations to come. Whether they’re looking to invest in their first property or want to dive into property management, I help you hone in on their skillsets, start building a career, and ultimately, build a legacy.


In addition to coaching, I help teach people the business through my podcast, The Real Estate Mentor Podcast. I create videos and share tips on my Facebook page, Toby Inc., and on my Toby Brown YouTube Channel. I’m currently creating a course and coaching program on investing in single-family homes.


It’s such an honor to be acknowledged as one of the Top 100 in Real Estate, both for me and for the Oklahoma communities I serve.  

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