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Tom Mavrou

With over 30 years of experience in the restaurant industry, Tom Mavrou has mastered the art of making the perfect grilled cheese. His company, Meltwich Hospitality Group, Inc., is the fastest-growing grilled cheese concept in North America. It’s not a fad, it’s a trend. With 35 locations and another 40 scheduled to open before the end of the year, Meltwich is a quick-service restaurant dedicated to forever changing expectations in an unexpectedly exciting environment. Known for crafting the most modern, comforting, cheese-centric food around, Meltwich is concentrated on melting cheese—think Philly cheesesteaks, cheeseburgers, and, of course, their main star, the irresistible grilled cheese sandwich.

Together with his wife, Barb Kiss, Tom launched the company in 2015. It’s since turned into a full-blown family affair. During the onset of the pandemic, it was just a husband-a-wife team chasing a dream. They drove across the country, sharing their passion for food with the world. They brought their son, Jordan on board to assist with the business, and now, he’s the senior operations manager. As the company grows, their team continues to expand with their other son, Joshua, as national construction manager. But they’ll tell you that their path to success hasn’t been an easy one. “It’s been a struggle to get where we are,” Tom explains. “But witnessing the resilience of this team through the pandemic, and how they put their heart and soul into it is our greatest accomplishment.”

Prior to launching Meltwich, Tom had an extensive career in the restaurant industry. He started working in his family’s restaurant business at a young age, before going to college. Tom knew in his heart that school wasn’t for him and eventually took over the family business and grew his portfolio. As he saw changes in the industry, he got into real estate with those ventures always funding his activity in the restaurant industry. Along the way, people told him that he would never make it, but Tom continued in relentless pursuit of his dreams, which have come to fruition because he had the courage to keep chasing them. “You have to keep on believing in what you’re doing and in yourself to make it happen,” he says.

Next? Meltwich America—Coming in 2022.

Tom Mavrou

COO —  Meltwich Hospitality Group, Inc.


LinkedIn: Tom Mavrou

Facebook: @meltwich

Instagram: @meltwichcanada

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