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Tom appears in the Top 100 

Canadian Professionals Magazine

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Tom Sweeney


Tom Sweeney understands and values the servant role inherent in leadership.  Throughout his 15 years in professional services, this principle has governed how he has provided strategies to improve and streamline processes for global public and private sector teams, specifically within the C-suite helping them to flourish.  His proven success rate includes being the driving force of a 300% branch growth during one of his roles in a leading IT services firm.  His approach centers on providing the right support, and the resources necessary for success, for the people around him.  He shares, “I’m always focused on the individuals on my team, both personally and professionally, not just on the success of the company. I’ve led by this my entire career.  I like seeing my customers happy, I like seeing my team happy, and seeing them achieve success, improve results, and thrive.”


The first 10 years of his career was spent in the contingent workforce, which gave him an understanding of how organizations leverage contingent work to deliver products and services.  This allows him to recognize the outcomes his customers are looking for, from which he works backward to deliver the services necessary to achieve their goal in a cost-effective manner.  In 2017, he joined NewRocket, a global pure play ServiceNow partner, where he has risen to a  vice president of sales, where he leads a large team, and is responsible for over $100M in company revenue.  He works directly with his clients and leadership teams to deliver meaningful results while providing advisory, implementation, and managed services for some of the largest organizations across the globe.  Their niche is project-based services specific to ServiceNow software to help customers digitally transform their business, to streamline operations, or quickly adopt new revenue streams.

Tom was drawn to NewRocket because of their mutually held values, and he saw an opportunity with this empathetic organization to transform enterprises in a meaningful way.  NewRocket’s integrated solutions across the ServiceNow platform have delivered over 4000 successful projects to over 1,000 clients, redefining establishments into places where, “employees flourish, companies thrive, and people matter.”  He strives to provide tools for success to both his team and his clients, but, he says, “We’re building good people first, and great salespeople second.”


Tom Sweeney

Vice President, Sales — NewRocket


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