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Tonny Storey

Tonny Storey has been an attorney since 2001, getting into family law after graduating from Perdue University and Indiana University McKinley School of Law, which gave him insight into the eminent domain and condemnation law that he handles today, counseling families and other clients who are facing losing their properties in a variety of circumstances. Today, he’s a managing partner at Sever Storey, LLP, at their Carmel, Indiana, office, where he helps clients throughout the country. Thanks to his years of experience representing hundreds of clients, Tonny is uniquely equipped in his area, often able to spot important details and issues that landowners frequently miss.


Sever Storey, LLP, has represented landowners across the country since 2011 through its offices in Indiana, Illinois, Ohio, North Carolina, Georgia, Texas, and Kentucky, and also serves as co-counsel in other states. Tonny, his partner, Phil, and their team of learned attorneys have represented universities, fast food chains, and residential properties, with a focus on agricultural and commercial acquisitions. “We serve anyone who has had their property taken by a government agency, and negotiate on their behalf to get just compensation.” Tonny explains. In his role as managing partner, Tonny handles the firm’s operations, while Phil handles marketing. Because landowners are their sole focus, Tonny and his colleagues are able to better understand the nuances of these cases that might elude attorneys who don’t focus in this unique area of law on a daily basis. This allows them to ensure the protection of their clients’ rights and hold government and utility entities appropriately accountable.


Tonny has been a member of the American Bar Association, the Association of Eminent Domain Professionals, and the Bar Associations of Indiana, Indianapolis, and Hamilton County. When not representing clients facing the possible loss of property, Tonny enjoys staying active through traveling and golf, as well as exploring investment opportunities.


Tonny Storey

Managing Partner — Sever Storey, LLP


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