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Tony Festa

Driving down any thoroughfare on the planet, everyone notices those free-standing commercial enterprises peppering the horizon.  They are a who’s who of many of the world’s most popular single-business properties:  Starbucks, Taco Bell, Wendy’s, and Chipotle, to name a few. As director and capital advisor for Tauro Capital Advisors, they are Tony Festa’s clients. Based in Los Angeles, CA, the firm is laser focused on commercial real estate, specializing in sourcing capital for transactions across the country—and Tony is the maestro for these arrangements.

Tony joined Tauro Capital Advisors in 2017 as one of its first hires, specializing in sourcing acquisition, refinance, and development financing for single-tenant net-lease properties for clients across the country.  The company’s founders have over 35 years in the industry, both on the brokerage side as well as on the banking and capital structuring side, reflecting the true combination of experience and expertise for which the firm is known.  This creates a formidable force at the intersection of the commercial real estate investors and developers on the one side, and the banking and private investors on the other.  Tony adds the final ingredient: development financing. 

“In other firms, someone in my position operates pretty much alone, bringing in business, structuring financing.  At Tauro, the partners and the entire shop work with every client.  It is real-world collaboration, and I gain the experience of the entire team,” Tony says.

With a talent for problem solving, Tony confronts the inherent challenges of these retail enterprises, whether it’s permitting and construction hurdles or navigating a host of permanent financing choices. Serving both investors and developers, he tailors solutions that not only offer the best possible terms, but also those that align with the specific investment goals of each of his clients, who stand at the center of everything he does. “Whether they’re looking for stable cash flow, passive income, or building generational wealth, it really comes down to building and fostering relationships with our clients and helping them reach their goals.”

Tony received his BBA and MBA from Pepperdine University’s Graziado School of Business with a concentration in real estate finance and investment.

Tony Festa

Director/Capital Advisor — Tauro Capital Advisors