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Tracy Marks

As the president of LenderSelect Mortgage Group, Tracy Marks is an exceptional leader that focuses on building relationships, cultivating business growth and supporting and mentoring his experienced team of employees.

In 2011, Tracy was approached by the leadership team at Atlantic Bay Mortgage Group to pioneer and launch a third-party origination platform for credit unions and community banks. With Tracy’s strategic vision, execution and strategy, LenderSelect has experienced tremendous growth with nearly 150 community lending teammates throughout the country. Tracy focuses to be a servant leader to both his employees and business teammates. Tracy explains, “I am providing a service to my customers and my employees to help borrowers achieve the American dream of homeownership. I strive to be attentive to the needs of clients but also to the LenderSelect team, which essentially makes them more passionate employees.”

LenderSelect Mortgage Group is a full-service mortgage provider committed to empowering community lenders with the necessary tools for growing a profitable mortgage platform.  As a Fannie Mae, Freddie Mac and Ginnie Mae approved lender, LenderSelect’s collaborative approach offers community lenders the benefits of directly offering mortgages, without increased overhead costs or risk. LenderSelect offers a customized model that offers financial institutions maximum return on investment by increasing borrower retention, production and profitability, while ensuring compliance oversight. Through their unique model, they empower credit unions, community banks and farm credit associations with access to the secondary market.  Experiencing double-digit growth, LenderSelect is strategically focused on expanding into additional markets to enable more community lenders to leverage its services.

Tracy adds, “We act as a consultant, a catalyst and a caretaker. When we sit with community financial institutions to talk about mortgages and how they are running their business, we really act as a consultant first and foremost. We listen to their needs and then strategize their best options.”

Tracy has over twenty years of experience in the finance and lending industry and previously owned a furniture business.  He also worked with the government of Virginia running a rehabilitative state agency that helped find employment for people with disabilities.  Tracy adds that it was one of the most rewarding jobs that he ever had, and it taught him empathy, humility, respect and compassion for all people.

Tracy Marks, President

LenderSelect Mortgage Group

804 Moorefield Park Drive STE 102

Richmond, VA 23236


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