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Tracy appears in the Top 100

Attorneys of 2017 Magazine

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Tracy Sanders, Esq.

Tracy Sanders, Esq. is an accomplished attorney, author, and speaker. She is employed as an associate at Telleria, Telleria & Levy LLP in Los Angeles, CA.

Ms. Sanders established Natural Hair and the Law, an organization formed to provide publications, workshops, and events addressing legal issues related to natural hair in the workplace and schools. In addition to The Crown Act Handbook: The Official Guide to Natural Hair Discrimination Law, she is the author of the book, Natural Hair in the Workplace: What Are Your Rights?, which has been featured in Essence, New Growth Magazine and the Black Caucus Of the American Library Association. She is also author of Natural Hair Affirmations. These books are available for purchase online at Amazon and Barnes & Noble.


Ms. Sanders received a number of prestigious accolades and awards. She was honored with a Certificate of Special Recognition from Congresswoman Karen Bass for her outstanding and invaluable service at Extraordinary Women Rock. Ms. Sanders has been nominated as a recipient of Netflix and Angels in Red awards. Additionally, she was a featured speaker at Corporate Counsel Women of Color and Alpha Kappa Alpha Leadership Seminar.


Ms. Sanders made appearances on TV networks such as ABC, Fox, MSNBC, TLC, and WE. She is founder of the Attorney Tracy Sanders Foundation, public charity, with the mission to promote liberty, empowerment, and justice. 


Ms. Sanders obtained a Bachelor of Arts degree in political science at the University of South Carolina, Master of Public Administration degree at the University of South Carolina, Juris Doctorate degree at Syracuse University School of Law, and Women's Entrepreneurship Certificate at  Cornell University. She is a member of the American Bar Association, American Society for Public Administration, and Black Women Lawyers Association of Los Angeles. Ms. Sanders is strongly committed to philanthropic endeavors and particularly interested in community service initiatives to help young people achieve their education and career goals.

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