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Trenton Bright


Trenton Bright is the founder and CEO of Apex Commercial Real Estate Services at KW South Valley Keller Williams, based in Salt Lake City, Utah. Together, Trenton and his power team of five commercial real estate agents offer customized services to meet the diverse needs of private investors, professionals, and institutions. In addition to specializing in hotel acquisitions and dispositions, the group also brokers gas stations & c-stores, multi-family, storage units, and various other commercial developments throughout the U.S. “What makes our company unique is we are young, a bit more aggressive, and well educated in hospitality,” says Trenton. After completing $120 million in commercial transactions in 2019, Apex CRES was named a Top Performing Group and was ranked #1 for contracts written and #1 for contracts closed in all of Keller Williams.

Trenton first became a broker in 2012 after obtaining his license in Utah and has been specializing in commercial real estate for the past six years. He also holds co-broker relationships in 49 states, which allows him to conduct business nationwide. As CEO of Apex CRES, Trenton’s primary goal is to build strong relationships with the company’s clientele. By taking on the role of advisor, he conducts a “health” evaluation of clients’ real estate portfolios. “In order to optimize their cash flow, I sell off their lower performing assets and move them into larger properties that cashflow better or have a higher long-term hold analysis,” he explains.

Trenton also owns and operates three real estate focused firms in addition to Apex CRES: Apex Capital Markets, a commercial loan company focused on equity and debt placement; Apex Commercial Development, a business that works to create investment opportunities for clients and develop raw land into commercial real estate assets; and Simpli Funded, a fintech application which is a commercial marketplace for debt & equity placement. All serve as part of Trenton’s strategy to streamline lending, development, and all other processes within commercial real estate.

Excitedly, there is still more to come as the execution of future businesses is strategically being planned. For instance, Trenton hopes to soon propel his vision forward of becoming a full-service brokerage. In the meantime, he will continue to grow his impressive network of prestigious investors, investment firms, and development projects.

Throughout his life, Trenton has admired the words of Albert Einstein who once said, “You have to learn the rules of the game. And then you have to play better than anyone else.” With a profound understanding of both sales and business, Trenton has proven himself a champion at commercial real estate as his level of accomplishment is one of the highest in the industry. His most recent awards and recognitions are as follows:


  • Top Performing Individual Award, Keller Williams (2018)

  • Top Hotel Broker by Hotel Management (2019)

  • #1 Keller Williams Commercial Agent in Sold Volume (2019)

  • Power Broker of the Year by Co-Star (2019)

  • Top Sales Associate Recruiter (2019)

  • Triple Platinum Award winner, Keller Williams

  • Millionaire Agent Award, Keller Williams

  • Top Broker Award by Co-Star



Trenton Bright

Founder and CEO

Apex Commercial Real Estate Services at KW South Valley Keller Williams

4020 W. Daybreak Parkway

South Jordan, Utah 84009



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